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T.I. Says Kendrick Lamar & Drake Should Go on Tour

T.I. Says Kendrick Lamar & Drake Should Go on Tour

T.I. Says Kendrick Lamar & Drake Should Go on Tour. Atlanta rap veteran T.I. suggested that Drake and Kendrick Lamar should tour together to resolve their dispute. T.I. termed their dispute “probably one of the more exacerbated beefs” on DJ Whoo Kid’s SiriusXM Whoo’s House Podcast. Despite the animosity, he thinks a tour with both musicians would be huge.

“I got respect for both of them,” T.I. stated. “I’m waiting for the tour because they’re both great hitmakers. The only thing. The reunion is the only thing that will sell after the fight.”

Given their antagonism, a united tour may seem unlikely. However, T.I.’s idea might be a hip-hop milestone. Kendrick Lamar and Drake touring may produce huge numbers and attention. The pair collaborated on Drake’s 2012 Club Paradise Tour. This bond makes the thought of them reuniting onstage intriguing.

In an interview with Big Boy on Real 92.3 in Los Angeles last week, T.I. discussed the fight. He agreed that while the dispute may benefit the rap game, it may hinder other musicians who planned to release music around this period. They made it difficult for those who planned to drop during this time. According to T.I., some folks thought, ‘Damn, I was gon’ drop, let me see this through.’

Other famous people have joined the Kendrick-Drake feud. Drake cited Taylor Swift when he said Lamar needed her permission to bash him in “Taylor Made Freestyle.” In return, Kendrick used Taylor’s producer Jack Antonoff for “6:16 in LA.” DJ Whoo Kid contributed his DJ drop to Drake’s trash tune “Push Ups.” A Whoo Kid-hosted diss recording was rumored but never released.

T.I. said the feud might lead to a major cooperation. A veteran of rap confrontations, T.I. recalls a 2008 altercation with Shawty Lo. His tour idea is based on the idea that rivalries may be constructive.

Both Kendrick Lamar and Drake fans are keenly following their dispute. A united tour seems implausible, yet tantalizing. Seeing two of hip-hop’s top stars perform together would be historic.

As the rivalry continues, fans and the music business question if T.I.’s Kendrick-Drake tour will happen. Such a tour might transform hip-hop. Fans must wait to see what happens.

In the meanwhile, T.I.’s offer highlights music’s power of collaboration and reconciliation. He said, “after the disagreement, the only thing that’s gon’ sell is the reunion.”

Kendrick Lamar and Drake may tour together despite their disputes. Fans and industry insiders are excited and speculative about the notion.


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