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Good Burger2 Stars Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Have Created A Memorable Comedic Heritage

Kenan and Kel spoke to the media

Kenan and Kel spoke to the media about their comic heritage and bringing Ed and Dex back to life. In an interview with the media, the comic team discussed playing their most well-known roles again in Good Burger 2, which is now streaming on Paramount+.

They are the wild cousins who provide additional joy to every celebration. As the comedic team returns to their most well-known roles in Good Burger 2, now available for streaming on Paramount+, we’re all set for a memorable reunion.

Kenan and Kel spoke to the media about their comic heritage and bringing Ed and Dex back to life as we got ready to eat a delicious burger and a huge orange beverage once again.

Thompson told the media. “Hearing from people that they watched it as children and are watching it with their children now.”

Or even grandparents saying something like, “My grandkids are watching because I raised them.” We’re appreciative and humbled by all of those crazy renditions of the chat.

Not many Black kids were performing sketch comedy on television in the ’90s when Kenan and Kel ruled Nickelodeon as the network’s greatest performers.

Thompson speaks from personal experience, he said, “Representation matters.” Because they were raised admiring the legends, many well-known performers and comedians of today are in the business. Kel is hoping that their next film will continue on this.

Hearing from others that we influenced them is always wonderful. Some actors approach me and say, “Man, I watched the show,” and I’m startled. This is the reason I got into acting. It’s fantastic,” Mitchell said.

“We want to inspire people with all we do; it’s a positive thing. Which little child watching Good Burger 2 will grow up to be an incredible actor, producer, or director? That is the main focus.

Even though they have performed as Ed and Dex in a few brief one-off sketches over the years, they haven’t returned to the roles since the 1997 release of the first movie. The veteran of Saturday Night Live said, “It was almost like time didn’t exist,” despite all that time. Thompson said that he saw himself as Mitchell’s over-the-top Ed’s support system.

“All of the lifting was done by him. According to Thompson, he is the one acting and wearing the outfit. “I am only a man called Dexter experiencing these things. I sometimes get spurts of energy, but Kel was all 10 throughout, which is sort of how he is in life overall. He worked hard. All I wanted to do was be there, try to cheer them up, and be supportive.

“Make everybody in the studio laugh” was his stated objective. Kenan, on the other hand, only wanted to share their enjoyment with the audience.

For many years, Kenan and Kel have been regarded as humorous role models and entertainers. But going full circle to Good Burger acknowledges the strong bond they’ve had with supporters, and we will always be here to support them in their endeavors.


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Written by Jamil Johnson