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Kanye West & Ty Dolla Sign’s “Vultures 1” First Week Sales Revealed

This is the first album that Ty has released, and it is Kanye’s eleventh album to reach number one.

Kanye West will debut his eleventh album at number one on the Billboard Album 200 chart with the release of Vultures 1.

The long-awaited album reportedly sold 148,000 copies in its first week of release, as reported by Luminate.

In comparison, Usher’s Coming Home opened at number two, his most excellent position in a decade and was surpassed by the project.

On February 11, only a few hours before Usher was scheduled to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, the album was made available for purchase. There will be a delay in the announcement of the complete album chart since President’s Day is coming up.

It is packed with features throughout the CD. The song “Keys to My Life” by India Love is the first feature to be released by Vultures 1. “Talking/Once Again” is the second song that Kanye West does, featuring his daughter North West as a guest artist.

Freddie Gibbs will then make a cameo on the song “Back to Me” after that. The seventh and eighth tracks are another set of back-to-back appearances, with Nipsey Hussle and YG appearing on “Do It” and Quavo appearing on “Paperwork.” Other features include Quavo.

The last four features may be found between songs 10 and 13, the album’s middle. Playboi Carti makes two cameos on the album: “Fuk Sum” (which also features Travis Scott) and “Carnival” (which also features Rich The Kid).

“Beg Forgiveness” also has Chris Brown’s vocals, which are added. Last but not least, the song bears the album’s name, which includes Lil Durk and Bump J.

While everything is going on, Kanye has revealed the jaw-dropping cover art for “Carnival,” one of the most notable tunes from the album Vultures 1, just recently published.

The artwork used for the cover of “Carnival” was created by the well-known Canadian artist Jon Rafman. It features a close-up of a skinhead who is screaming and bleeding.

An artificial intelligence-generated music video for the song “Vultures (Havoc Version)” was also made by Rafman and published concurrently with the album.

The song “Carnival” includes Rich the Kid and Playboi Carti. In addition to what was said, it is primarily regarded as one of the most impressive tunes on Vultures 1. Already, many individuals have referred to it as the finest song of 2024.

On the other hand, the song created controversy even before it was made available to the public. It was a version that was heard at a listening party in Chicago that caused Ozzy Osbourne to get angry since it had an unclear sample of Black Sabbath. A sample of Kanye West’s “Hell of a Life” was used in a later version played at a listening party on Long Island. This sample interpolates the same Black Sabbath song.

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Written by Jamil Johnson