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Kanye has Abandoned $2.2 Million LA House

New pictures of Kanye West’s $ 2.2 million reveal the property to be a run-down state after Kanye’s split with Kim Kardashian.

The property is in disrepair with crumbling walls and collapsed fences. New pictures also reveal that the property is not being look after and apparently left vacant.

The ran located in Los Angeles was originally worth over 2 million dollars. Kanye had brought the 1.25 Acres sprawling property, which include two guest houses in 2018.

Kanye finalized his divorced with Kim Kardashian in November 2020. Kardashian has kept the $4.5 million home they couple co-owned in Calabasas, Southern California.

Kanye has had a rough time of it in recent months with a messy divorce and backlashes for his antisemitic comments.

Getting “cancelled” has cost Kanye millions of dollars after Adidas dropped its Yeezy partnership with the rapper. Brands followed up by dropping his endorsement and sponsorships.

Friends and businesses have also distanced themselves from the controversial rapper for his remarks widely perceived as offensive to the Jewish people.

A woman has recently filed battery charges against Kanye for grabbing a phone from her and throwing it away. Kanye apparently did not like her filming him.

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Written by Aliyah Collins