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Juror in Young Thug Case Sent to Jail for Illegally Recording Court Proceedings

A 21-year-old prospective juror was sent to a brief stint in jail by the judge after she was found filming court proceedings with her cellphone, in the case of Atlanta-based rapper Young Thug and his associates.

Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville sent the woman, Juror 1003, initially on a three-day jail sentence but the order was rescinded after spent five hours in jail and apologized for her behavior.

The 21-year-old juror told the judge she did not know that filming court proceedings is illegal.

Deputies at the court searched her phone and recovered footage of the ongoing proceedings from her “deleted” folder.

The judge remarked that her actions had jeopardized the case. “I went through a very long and arduous process of telling people what they could not do and you violated that,” the judge said. “And you put this trial in jeopardy by doing that.”

Deputies believed that she was live-streaming the proceedings, but the young juror denied that.

“It wasn’t live-streamed at all,” she said. “I did take a video and then the young lady next to me said I couldn’t do that.”

After having spent five hours in jail, the woman said she was sorry for her action.

“I do apologize for the actions that I took and it won’t happen again,” Juror 1004 told the judge.

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Written by Aliyah Collins