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JT of City Girls responds to criticism of the Mowalola x Beats photo session

On September 18th, additional images for a project that Beats by Dre and Mowalola collaborated on became available. In the photographs that have been posted so far, JT from City Girls can be seen sporting a multicolored hairdo.

In another photo, she is wearing the brand’s silver Solo3 headphones, but instead of covering her ears, she has one of her eyes covered with the headphones.

People on social media had a variety of responses to the stunning photos, with some fans finding it hilarious that the headphones were put in such an unexpected location, while others found it amusing. Others were the ones who came up with the Illuminati gags.

The rapper most known for the song “Act Bad” did not take the criticism well. During her Instagram Live appearance, she addressed the responses to her photo session and said that she is “more than happy” with the Mowalola x Beats images. She went on to explain that Mowalola and Beats collaborated on the images.

JT’s voice became franker as she described the significance of landing a fashion campaign for herself. “Other people’s looks will not always look like mine. Women with strong facial features, such as a wide nose and prominent cheekbones, are not as common as one would imagine.

You will discover that the majority of the people that visit these businesses have faces that are noticeably thinner than average… The only people who should attend are those who have an interest in the fashion business, but anybody else is welcome to come.

She started by making the point that commercials aren’t exclusively aimed at those who look a specific way, and then she proceeded by stating, “This for my dark-skinned sisters… Ms. Mugshot has been given the responsibility of acting in her capacity as the official mascot for a variety of different companies.

The poet proceeded by adding that she made the choice to perform live after seeing a TikTok video in which she was scolded for the mistakes that she had made during her career as a model. In the video, she was reprimanded for the flaws that she had done over the course of her modeling career.

The poet’s choice of modeling positions inspired the production of the video that serves as a reaction. JT began to exhibit some traces of emotion toward the conclusion of the live performance, and in response to those who were criticizing him, he said, “Y’all don’t have no range.”

Let’s begin the conversation with this specific issue of contention. As long as you continue to put a greater value on the opinions of others than you do on your own, you will never be able to demonstrate any variety despite the fact that you are so worried about what other women think of you.

This is true so long as you continue to place a higher value on the opinions of others than you do on your own. I could care less what any of you have to say about it because I honestly couldn’t give a hoot about what any of you have to say about it.

And it makes absolutely no difference to me what any of you think about it.

JT is not new to the realm of fashion; he has worked in the industry in the past. He has experience working in the fashion business. She describes the rapper’s look as having a “alt-pretty” air about it, and as a result, a lot of different fashion designers and brands have taken note of her.

She most recently appeared in photographs for a campaign that the London-based company Poster Girl launched in addition to her work with Mowalola x Beats. This campaign debuted in the United Kingdom. Poster Girl is a brand name for women’s stylish clothing and accessories.

JT has started the process of creating her very own lifestyle brand, which she refers to as The Girl JT WORLD. She has begun working on this endeavor. She plans to manufacture a wide variety of items, ranging from clothing to stuff for the house, and she is excited about the prospect.

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Written by Anthony Peters