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James Harden Exhales A Sense Of Relief After Winning His First Game As A Clipper

James Harden Exhales A Sense Of Relief

James Harden Exhales A Sense Of Relief After Winning His First Game As A Clipper. The Houston Rockets were the opponent for the Los Angeles Clippers, who were stacked with James Harden. There was still suspicion about Harden even after the whole scenario in which Russell Westbrook committed to giving up his starting place in the lineup.

James Harden Exhales A Sense Of Relief After Winning His First Game As A Clipper. Harden was saddled with more duty to achieve victory as a result of the great point guard stepping down in order to make room for the new teammate.

Despite this, the newly acquired star guard turned in his greatest performance of the season tonight, which allowed him to triumph for the first time.

The Clippers were led to think that the move was not disastrous for the club in any way, shape, or form by the Arena.

After a losing sequence of six games, the franchise finally managed to sneak out with a victory, much to the relief of “The Beard.”

It was a 106-100 victory for the Clippers against the Rockets. After tonight’s game, it seems that James Harden does not need “at least 20 games” to catch up to the other players in the organization in terms of their playing tempo.

According to the new starting lineup that Ty Lue has authorized, Harden may breathe a sigh of relief since it seems like the next games may carry the possibility of registering a winning streak.

For the sake of reducing the amount of chaos in the lineup, Terance Mann was switched out for Russell. Since ‘The Beard’ was on the verge of tying Kawhi Leonard for the game-high 24 points, this move seemed to be beneficial to him.

Even though the player lost out on the record by making late free throws, the team was able to win the game thanks to the winning three-pointer and the And-1. But it’s possible that Russell Westbrook isn’t the best fit for this.

The fact that the player gave up his place for the team gives the coaching staff reason to believe that they will be able to achieve another win if ‘Beastbrook’ is used as a substitute once again.

In the 2023 NBA regular season, the Clippers were able to achieve their first victory; nonetheless, the odds are pointing in the direction of a possible elimination.

The squad seems to have little chance of even imagining themselves traveling to Las Vegas, given there is just one more game remaining in the group stage. Harden got the game started off on the right foot by driving the ball down the court for two points.

After committing a shooting foul on Jabari Smith Jr., “The Notorious Player” was able to achieve three successful free throws, which allowed him to lead the team in the first quarter.

The recovery points in the second unit were the ones that accomplished the magic, despite the fact that the squad saw a minor decline in the second quarter.

Harden finished the game with 24 points, 8 rebounds, and 7 assists in his 34 minutes on the court. He led the team in the fourth quarter by a score of 27 – 23.


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Written by Anthony Peters