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If Tupac Was Alive, Beyonce and Him Would be a Couple, Says Big Gipp

In an interview with the Art of Dialogue, the Goodie Mob co-founder Big Gipp has claimed that if Tupac was alive today, Beyonce and him would have been a couple.

Responding to a question about Billboard’s recent announcement that ranks Jay-Z No. 1 in the list of “greatest rappers of all time” and Tupac at No. 4, Big Gipp said, “To me, 2pac [is the greatest]. Only reason you inching Jay-Z past Tupac is because he got ****** Beyonce. You take Beyonce away, he ain’t got s***. Bar for Bar? Yeah, he might rap better than ‘Pac, but ‘Pac came with the heart. That’s difference. It’s just different. You can’t beat that. You can never beat the heart, bro.”

“Some people can be technical, just like the difference between Jordan and LeBron. Jordan, technical. That muthafucka technical. LeBron? Gangster. Goon s###. Two different styles. If ‘Pac was here, who do you think the girl would have been with? Hold up [laughs].”

The “All Eyez on Me” rapper Big Gipp said that Tupac possessed “electric energy” that attracted people to him and he did not need money to be people’s star. People loved him, with or without money.

‘Pac didn’t need no money to make people look at him. Pac was a star without the money. If I put these two individuals beside each other without the money, the little bald head man wins the game,” Big Dipp added.

Without the money, without the billion-dollar empire, without Beyonce, Big Gipp added, Jay-Z is nothing.

“You can’t do no movies. You can’t do what ‘Pac was doing. C’mon. How can you be better than ‘Pac? You one-shot Charlie. That boy was a triple threat. He did groups that was successful, solo albums that was successful and movies that was successful. Hands down. If he had lived, he would have smoked everything walking.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins