“I just didn’t want to lose my life,” says a black man who was beaten by police.

Jadarius Rose, the man at the heart of a terrible event involving Ohio police, together with his mother Carla Jones and civil rights attorney Ben Crump, shed light on the shocking occurrence that has gained national attention in an exclusive interview.

Earlier this week, a video surfaced showing Ohio police releasing on Jadarius Rose while he was on the ground with his hands up. The incident has aroused uproar, and the police agency has responded by terminating the officer responsible.

In narrating the terrifying incident, Jadarius Rose voiced his dread throughout the encounter, stating, “I just don’t want to lose my life, to lose my arm.”

He was injured as a consequence of the assault, with the dog biting him in the forearm many times.

Carla Jones, obviously upset, expressed her emotions as a mother seeing the footage, stating, “It’s been hard… I’m unable to watch it. It’s too difficult.”

Many people were moved by the footage, which raised concerns about police use of force and racial prejudice.

Ben Crump, a civil rights attorney who now represents Jadarius Rose, denounced the event, pointing out that Jadarius was waving his hands in the air, a recognized symbol of surrender.

“What more can a black person do to assure you that I am not frightening you?” Crump inquired.

The attorney emphasized Jadarius’ trauma and bodily injuries during the event, underlining that dismissing the officer involved did not adequately solve the situation.

The employment of a police dog during the incident sparked comparisons to the Civil Rights Movement.

“Most people said this isn’t 1960. “It’s 2023, and the police are ordering a dog on an unarmed black man who isn’t a threat,” Crump said, recalling prior civil rights conflicts.

throughout the interview, Jadarius Rose’s 911 call was also aired, indicating his terror and concern throughout the event.

The chase is said to have started because of a minor traffic infringement involving a missing mud flap. Crump criticized law enforcement’s harsh approach, adding that the video footage corroborated Jadarius’ suspicions.

As the nation watches this disturbing story evolve, doubts about criminal charges against the cops involved grow. Crump stated that his client, Jadarius Rose, is facing criminal accusations.

The event has prompted considerable concern about police enforcement’s handling of young black people, as well as the necessity for continuous efforts to overcome racial prejudice and disproportionate use of force.

The case of Jadarius Rose adds to the increasing number of cases that call for more responsibility and change in police enforcement.

As the inquiry proceeds, the public spotlight remains on the need for structural improvements to ensure fair treatment and safety for all people, regardless of race or origin.

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Written by Anthony Peters