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Hours After He Brags About Killing Someone Two Months Ago, Upcoming Rapper BTB Savage is Brutally Killed in Houston

Upcoming rapper BTB Savage has been shot and killed in River Oaks, Houston on Thursday night.

According to ABC 13 BTB Savage (real name Brian Thompson) “was driving a white Mercedes, when the suspects drove up in a black Subaru vehicle. Multiple shots were fired, and then two suspects got out of the vehicle and fled in an unknown direction.”

The rapper was found dead at the site of the shooting when police officers arrived at 6 PM.

The late rapper was a native of Cleveland, Ohio, who spent his formative years in school playing basketball and entered the music industry later.

Savage was implicated in a 2017 murder charge but was exonerated due to a lack of proof and witnesses. In 2020, he reportedly killed a man who tried to rob him. Savage claimed that he killed the man in self-defense. The assault also resulted in injuries to his partner and son.

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Written by Aliyah Collins