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Jonathan Majors Claimed To Have Desired That His Ex-Girlfriend Act Like Coretta Scott King Or Michelle Obama

Have Desired That His Ex Act Like Coretta Scott

Jonathan Majors Have Desired That His Ex Act Like Coretta Scott King Or Michelle Obama. Grace Jabbari, Jonathan Majors’ ex-girlfriend and the complainant of domestic violence, allegedly told prosecutors that the “Creed III” actor asked her to be more like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama.

On December 4, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Michael Perez said that Majors, 34, used “psychological abuse” to influence Jabbari during opening statements in his domestic violence trial in New York.

According to Business Insider, Perez stated that Jabbari informed her that Majors told her she needed to make sacrifices like the former First Lady and late wife of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jonathan Majors Have Desired That His Ex Act Like Coretta Scott King Or Michelle Obama. “He told Grace Jabbari that she needs to live up to the standards of Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama to make sacrifices for him, because, he told her, ‘I am a great man,'” Perez stated. “He told her that she needed to comport herself in the way he needed her to be.”

The prosecution also claimed that Majors used suicide threats to exert control over Jabbari. The former couple met on the set of “Ant-Man” and dated for two years before splitting up in March after an altercation.

“He started snapping at Grace Jabbari and becoming manipulative.” “He even threatened suicide to gain control of her,” alleged Perez, adding that Majors “demanded total compliance.”

Jabbari allegedly grew enraged and attempted to seize Majors’ mobile phone after receiving a text message from a lady identified as “Cleopatra” on the actor’s phone that read, “Wish I was kissing you!” At the time of the incident on March 25, the two were traveling in the back of a car-for-hire.

According to People magazine, the 30-year-old testified on December 5 that she was often terrified of triggering Majors’ “rage and aggression.”

“When he gets into that place,” Jabbari said, “his face kind of changes.” “He’s a big guy so you just want to step back.”

Majors is accused of grasping Jabbari’s arm, twisting and fracturing her middle finger, and striking her “right ear” with a cut. He’s also accused of shoving her into a car and forcing her to “fall backward.” Two counts of third-degree assault aggravated harassment in the second degree, and harassment in the second degree are among his allegations.

Jabbari was also arrested by the NYPD for minor assault and harassment, but the prosecutor chose against charging her.

The “The Harder They Fall” star denied abusing Jabbari and claimed she attacked him after seeing the text on his phone. Priya Chaudhry, his attorney, portrayed his ex-girlfriend as a drinker and a woman scorned because of his adultery.

The actor’s next film “Magazine Dreams,” which was a significant winner at the Sundance Film Festival, was mentioned by Chaudhry. Majors received Oscar hype for his performance in the film about a pro bodybuilder caring for his grandpa, but the project was recently halted after the assault charges. Jabbari’s charges, according to Chaudhry, have harmed Majors’ career.

“His career seemed unstoppable until she made these false allegations,” Chaudhry added. “In revenge, she made these false allegations to ruin Jonathan Majors and destroy everything he had worked so hard for.”

In addition, Chaudhry told jurors that the driver of the car in which the former couple was traveling on March 25 referred to Jabbari as a “psycho girl.” She went on to say that a jealous Jabbari scratched Majors’s face, tore his jacket, and took two buttons off his coat before chasing him away. Chaudhry is also anticipated to introduce evidence that Jabbari went partying after the incident and purchased pricey drinks using Majors’ credit card.

Jabbari is also said to have texted Majors, adding, “I guess you’re with Cleopatra right now.” How could you do this to me when we were meant to be married?”

Majors allegedly spent the night at a hotel and returned home to find a drunken Jabbari in his apartment’s closet. He contacted 911 to report that she was unresponsive and in need of assistance, but he was arrested. Jabbari was detained in October after Majors accused her of assaulting him.

It’s unclear who she’s referring to when she says “Cleopatra.” However, months before the trial, Majors started dating actress Meagan Good, who appeared in court with Majors last week.

He hasn’t made any public remarks since the trial started, which is anticipated to run for many weeks.


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Written by Aliyah Collins