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Gunn catching heat from peers for taking RICO plea deal

“Free Gunna,’’ was the call, that is prior to the rapper’s release from jail. More than a month after Gunna accepted a plea deal that allowed him his freedom, that call not only went silent but the hip-hop world is acting like he never existed.

Leaked footage of the plea hearing shows Gunna agreeing with prosecutors’ statements that YSL is a gang and that it “must end.”

The plea deal that was negotiated between Gunna’s attorneys and prosecutors is an Alford plea, which allows the Atlanta rapper to plead guilty on one charge because it’s in his best interest while maintaining his innocence on the same charge.

Since then, the “pushin p” rapper has been deemed a “snitch” by many in the rap community, including some of the hottest rappers in the game right now.

YSL members, as well as rappers Polo G, Meek Mill, and Lil Baby, a close collaborator who Gunna taught how to rap, have unfollowed him on Instagram.

Gunna stated that he has no plans to testify against YSL codefendants. His Alford plea solely applies to his case, and a close source has confirmed that he won’t be testifying during the trial — which is the only way the plea statement could hurt any YSL codefendants.

But in a music world rife with abusers, homophobes, antisemites, and “anti-’cancel culture’” apologists for all these things, cooperating in any fashion is the third rail that excommunicates someone from the scene.

Although Gunna was not the only YSL member to accept a plea deal, he’s the one receiving the most flack because ofhis fame and notoriety, and unless Young Thug somehow gets out of this RICO trial, it won’t be slowing down for him.

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Written by Jamil Johnson