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GOP rep accuses Harvard of ‘systemic arrogance’ related to antisemitism probe

Subpoenas issued amid accusations of obstructing the House Education and Workforce Committee’s investigation into alleged antisemitism on campus.

The investigation was prompted by reports of increased antisemitic incidents during the Israel-Hamas conflict in the Middle East. The move comes as part of the broader efforts to address concerns about the campus environment and ensure the safety and well-being of Jewish students.

Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah), a member of the committee leading the investigation, expressed frustration with Harvard’s response, accusing the institution of “systemic arrogance” regarding the issue.

Owens highlighted the presence of 32 different groups on campus that are reportedly pro-Hamas, emphasizing the need to understand what measures Harvard is taking to ensure Jewish students feel comfortable and safe.

“We’re asking for things like minutes for the meetings they’re having. Their response to the antisemitism that’s going on,” Owens stated, underscoring the committee’s request for information on Harvard’s actions in response to antisemitic incidents.

Harvard, one of the most prestigious universities globally, has come under increased scrutiny amid allegations of antisemitism on its campus.

The House Education and Workforce Committee, led by Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), issued subpoenas to key Harvard figures, including Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker, Interim President Dr. Alan Garber, and Harvard Management Company’s CEO N.P. Narvekar. The move followed Harvard’s failure to provide sufficient documents on two of the committee’s four priority requests.

Committee Chairwoman Foxx emphasized the seriousness of the matter, stating that the subpoenas serve as a “wakeup call” to Harvard, indicating that Congress will not tolerate antisemitic incidents in educational institutions.

The requested documents are expected to detail Harvard’s actions and plans to ensure the safety and inclusion of Jewish students on campus. Harvard has until March 4 to provide these key documents.

In response to the subpoenas, a Harvard spokesperson issued a statement insisting that the institution had already provided comprehensive and good-faith responses, totaling more than 3,500 pages across 10 submissions.

The spokesperson expressed Harvard’s commitment to addressing the committee’s inquiries and reiterated the institution’s dedication to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

The House investigation into antisemitism on college campuses, with a focus on Harvard, reflects broader concerns about rising incidents of discrimination and bias within educational institutions.

The examination of Harvard’s response and actions aims to shed light on the university’s efforts to combat antisemitism and ensure a supportive atmosphere for its diverse student body.

During a guest hosting appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Guy Benson questioned Rep. Burgess Owens about the goals of the investigation. Owens emphasized that the hearings on antisemitism conducted a few months back revealed a systemic issue of hatred and divisiveness on college campuses. He connected this issue to what he referred to as the “Marxification of education,” suggesting a broader trend where Marxist ideologies are influencing educational systems.

Owens expressed concerns about the indoctrination of students and highlighted the need to address these issues, emphasizing that education is a high priority for the Republican majority in the House. He thanked the American people for providing the opportunity to address these concerns, portraying the investigation as a crucial step in holding educational institutions accountable.

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Written by Jamil Johnson