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Gervonta Davis Domestic Violence Case Dropped After Alleged Victim Made U-turn

The 28-year-old American boxing star was arrested and jailed on December 27 in Broward County, Florida, charged with battery causing bodily harm in an altercation with his girlfriend Vanessa Posso  who is also the mother of his second daughter.

At the time of the incident, the woman reportedly told police that Davis had hit her with a “closed hand type slap,” which allegedly caused an abrasion on the inside of her lip. However, she later made a post on social media in which she walked back her allegations.

“While the emotions were high I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement in an intense moment while I was frantic. Gervonta did not harm me or our daughter.”

His girlfriend wrote.

Prosecutors in the case said in a statement that all parties “agreed that the defendant had to complete an anger management course and parenting class.” Upon receiving confirmation that Davis had completed the courses, the decision was made to drop the case.

She then made an official legal request for the charge to be dropped which read: “Before me, the undersigned authority, personally appeared, who, after being by me duty sworn, stated the following under oath.

“I have been listed as the purported victim in the above-styled case against my boyfriend, Gervonta Davis, whom I am aware was arrested on December 27, 2022, for domestic battery by the Parkland Police Department.

He was released from custody on $1,000 bail the next day and hit out in a statement in which he said: “I never put my hands on my child’s mother nor my f***ing daughter. I’m not a monster.”

“Without any hesitation or reservation whatsoever, I want to advise the Court and the State Attorney, that it is my absolute, complete, and full desire that this criminal prosecution be withdrawn and terminated, and that the Office of the State Attorney dismiss any and all such charges against Gervonta Davis.

“I do not want to testify in this case.

“If the charges are dismissed, and this prosecution terminated as I wish, I will not in any way hold the Office of the State Attorney, the Parkland Police Department, or anyone else responsible for dismissing the charges, for any actions of Gervonta Davis or for any other result that may occur following such dismissal.

“I am signing this affidavit of non-prosecution of my own free will, knowingly, freely, voluntarily and intelligently.

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Written by Darnell Simmons

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