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Gabrielle Union BLASTS Her Cheeky Bikini Critics

Gabrielle Union, popular actress and star of “Being Mary Jane,” bravely addressed the criticism she has experienced for sporting daring swimwear at the age of 50 on a recent episode of the “Who What Where with Hillary Care” podcast on July 5th.

Unfazed by the criticism, Union retorted, “‘You’re old enough to be someone’s Grandma, why are you still wearing bikinis?”

I’m like, first of all, they’re thongs, not bikinis, and you’re going to see these cheeks till my ass actually falls off.”

Union, renowned for her outspoken personality, continued to defy social norms even in her mid-30s.

She spoke on the negative stigma that women face as they age, adding, “At 35, they start treating you like you have osteoporosis.”

You begin to become invisible, and it’s a strange empty sensation to feel as if you’re fading right in front of your own eyes.”

Rather than succumbing to these attitudes, Union urged people to embrace their uniqueness and beauty, asking them to “boldly take up space and boldly claim and acknowledge our own beauty in all that we do.”

When it comes to fashion, the actress has continuously pushed the envelope. Union attended the ideal find screening in Miami this month, striking attention with her distinct flair.

She donned a floor-length translucent gown with Big Cape sleeves and an attractive long-sleeve gown.

The true surprise came when she turned around and revealed a stunning thong bodysuit. Union posted her outfit on Instagram, captioning it, “Just enough to get a glimpse.”

Union’s fashion choices are supported by her husband, retired NBA player Dwayne Wade. “We try to have fun and not be those people who take ourselves too seriously,” Wade said of how he and Union encourage each other to explore with their particular style.

Fashion is just a reflection of how you feel and what you want to convey to the rest of the world.” Union went on to say, “We don’t police each other; we support each other.”

Gabrielle Union’s bravery and unwillingness to adapt to conventional norms have cemented her position as a fashion icon. She continues to smash through barriers and question ageist standards, demonstrating that confidence has no bounds.

Union shows no signs of slowing down with her feminist message and daring dress choices. “Looks like the waves aren’t going to be turning down the heat anytime soon,” she said succinctly.

Gabrielle Union’s boldness and resolve to be herself inspire numerous others, telling them to embrace their individuality and never allow conventional standards to determine their choices.

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Written by Anthony Peters