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G-Herbo Finally Breaks Silence On Infamous Funny Marco’s Interview

G-Herbo Finally Breaks Silence

G-Herbo Finally Breaks Silence On Infamous Funny Marco’s Interview. G Herbo has clarified his and Southside’s contentious interview with Funny Marco, stating there is “no bad blood” between them.

During an appearance on Drink Champs on Saturday (February 10), Herbo cleared the air and offered context for what many regarded as the musicians’ bullying of the comedian.

“Marco, first and foremost, that’s my man,” the rapper said. “We had a connection before conducting the interview, and crap.

So, initially, [Southside] would do the interview, and his production crew instructed us to troll him as if it was a surprise.

“We were a touch off the sauce. We went a bit far, but the entire point was to come on there and frighten him on his own programme, to get one over on him.”

He added: “I chatted with him before [the episode] aired, and we were OK. I wasn’t sure whether there was a misunderstanding between our staff and his production crew, where they assumed we didn’t want it to get out.

We were like, ‘Nah, it’s OK, we’re not really trippin.'”
Last year, Funny Marco took a lighthearted approach to the popular interview with G Herbo and Southside.

The comedian and YouTuber addressed the matter during a stand-up concert in early December, revealing that the rappers’ teams had originally encouraged him to release the contentious interview.

The interview’s subsequent virality, he alleged, caused Herbo to alter his tune: “Team then calls—’Take this shit down!'” “Take this shit down!”

Southside and Herbo were on Funny Marco’s Open Thoughts in October, and the host said that things were far more heated than the final result indicated, stating that he was called a “bitch” many times and that the two damaged his $30,000 watch.

At one point, the “We Don’t Care” rapper flung his cup at Marco, claiming he intended no damage or disrespect.

“@funnymarco REALLY MY FRATERNAL TWIN NOBODY KNOWS,” he said on Instagram shortly after.
Southside also took to social media to clarify the matter after being portrayed as evil in the conversation.

“If you’re a bitch-ass n-gga, keep the fuck away from me. “I have enough bitches,” he remarked. “I don’t need more bitches around me…” Just leave me alone. I don’t have to be anybody’s buddy. I am affluent, young, and successful, but not a rapper.

“As a producer, I’m not required to conduct interviews. “You’re a hoe if an n-gag gets on there and says he’s terrified. You don’t need to put it out, hoe-ass n-gga. Now I want to push you because you are a bitch. You are a mature guy.

Herb was not even doing anything to the dude. That’s how those people play. It’s OK for an n-gga to hop on there and say slick crap to another n-gga.”

He continued: “I fuck with Marco.” Marco is still my n’gga. I don’t believe he was uncomfortable. I believe Bro was all the way excellent. If he was uncomfortable, it was like, “OK, damn Marco, we didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Southside said that the watch in issue was counterfeit, but he’s prepared to replace it with a genuine one with a chain.

“He was upset about his watch. Marco, I have a watch that you can acquire. “And it’s real because that sh*t I threw wasn’t real…” “That shit was fake as fuck…” “I’ll give you a brand new watch for nothing.”My children dress as if they are nothing.

Do you want a watch with a chain? We’ll offer you a watch with a chain. We’ve got you.


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