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Fugitive Captured in California after Alleged Execution of National Guard Soldier and Blind Daughter

Fugitive Captured in California after Alleged

Fugitive Captured in California after Alleged Execution of National Guard Soldier and Blind Daughter.Authorities in southern California arrested Dejan Belnavis, 27, near the San Diego Zoo, ending the countrywide search for the accused of killing Chasity Nuñez, 27, and her 11-year-old daughter, Zella, in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Belnavis and Karel Mangual allegedly approached Chasity and Zella’s vehicle and shot fire, killing both.

Interim Worcester Police Chief Paul Saucier said law enforcement technology helped track Belnavis and arrest him.

“142nd Medical Company soldiers liked Chasity. She was one of our best troops due to her wit, sociality, and duty.” Major Dave Pytlik

“I don’t understand why her family, friends, coworkers, and fellow soldiers lost her and Zella. We must now assist each other as we grieve, digest this great loss, and honor their memories. He continued.

Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty expressed relief for the victims’ families after Belnavis’ arrest, while District Attorney Joseph Early affirmed efforts to extradite Belnavis to Massachusetts for murder trial.

Mangual, the other alleged shooter, faces armed assault and carrying a handgun without a license charges with plans to increase to murder.

Chasity Nuñez, a former Connecticut Army National Guard soldier, was a patient administration specialist and awarded the National Defense Service Medal and Army Achievement Medal for her service.

Nuñez, a patient access representative at UMass Memorial Medical Center, left behind another daughter, as stated in her obituary.

Worcester Public Schools student Zella Nuñez is recalled by family friend Tyrae Sims as “happy, healthy, funny, and loving.”

After the tragedy, National Guard Major Dave Pytlik praised Chasity’s service and stressed the need of grieving together.

The capture of Belnavis in California is an important step towards justice for Chasity and Zella Nuñez, giving hope to their family and community in Worcester. Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early’s willingness to try Belnavis shows law enforcement’s determination to bring offenders accountable.

The devastating loss of Chasity Nuñez, a dedicated National Guard member and healthcare professional, and her daughter Zella has deeply affected everyone who knew them. Chasity’s selflessness and compassion are shown in her military service and UMass Memorial Medical Center job. Zella’s family will always remember her pleasure and zeal for life.

Although legal actions and investigations continue, the community remains united in seeking justice for Chasity and Zella Nuñez. Their tragic murders underscore the need to combat violence and protect all people, regardless of ethnicity or background.

Friends, coworkers, and fellow troops’ support and solidarity after this tragedy exhibit human perseverance and compassion. They honor Chasity and Zella together and find comfort in each other during grief and healing.

The arrest of Dejan Belnavis is a major step toward justice, but it also highlights the need to prevent such needless bloodshed. After the deaths of two loved ones, the community is reminded to support one other and work for a safer, more compassionate world.

The sad circumstances in Worcester, Massachusetts, that led to the loss of Chasity and Zella Nuñez, have sparked national outrage and grief. After a 2,500-mile manhunt, Dejan Belnavis was arrested in southern California, giving the mourning family and community hope for closure and justice.

Belnavis, along with Karel Mangual, is suspected of murdering Chasity Nuñez, a dedicated National Guard soldier, and her blind daughter Zella. Worcester was stunned by the brutality and mourned by those who knew and loved the victims.

The arrest of Belnavis in California shows how determined law enforcement officials are to find fugitives and bring them to justice, regardless of distance or impediments. Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early’s decision to extradite Belnavis to Massachusetts for murder shows that such heinous acts will be punished.

During her time in the Connecticut Army National Guard and as a healthcare worker, Chasity Nuñez demonstrated selflessness and dedication to others. Zella, her small daughter, gave joy and happiness to those who knew her, leaving an unforgettable impact.The outpouring of love and sympathy from friends, colleagues, and fellow soldiers helps the community cope with this horrible loss as legal proceedings continue.


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