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Frisco Police Issue Apology After Disturbing Footage Reveals Family Held at Gunpoint During Highway Stop

The touching pictures were taken on July 23 when the Frisco Police Department conducted a “high-risk traffic stop on the Dallas North Tollway.”

Officers stopped a black Dodge Charger because they suspected it was “possibly stolen,” but it turned out that its information had been recorded improperly during a license plate check, according to the agency.

“Y’all pulled a gun on my son for no reason!” a devastated father is heard addressing arriving cops after they confess fault, noting that he and his family were from Arkansas and were on their way to a youth basketball tournament that morning.

“That’s my little boy.” We are decent folks. We are originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. “We’ve got a game at 9 o’clock,” the father adds later in the video, identifying himself as the head coach of a sixth-grade boys’ team.

According to Frisco Police, the incident started when they saw a car leaving a motel with an out-of-state license plate.

“Due to recent burglaries and vehicle thefts involving Chargers, [an] officer conducted a computer check of the vehicle’s Arkansas license plate.”

“However, when entering the information, the plate was accidentally entered out of Arizona,” according to the agency.

“The error resulted in an incorrect registration return, leading the officer to believe that the vehicle was possibly stolen.”

According to police, a traffic stop was subsequently performed, and the driver and a backseat passenger, who was seen on camera to be a minor, were ordered out of the vehicle.

“A Frisco Police sergeant arrived around that time,” cops stated. “The sergeant realized his error and immediately ordered officers to’stand down,’ effectively ending the high-risk stop.”

In the aftermath of the event, Fresno Police Chief David Shilson stated that “we made a mistake” and that “our department will not hide from its mistakes.”

“Rather, we will learn from them.” The officer involved swiftly accepted responsibility for what occurred, demonstrating his honesty.

I’ve talked to the family. “I sympathize with them and understand why they are upset,” he stated in a statement. “I apologized on behalf of our department and reassured them that we will hold ourselves accountable and provide transparency throughout the process.”

Frisco Police released video showing an officer pointing his pistol at the car and using a megaphone to address a youngster who was instructed to exit it.

“Behind the driver’s seat, rear passenger.” “Open your car door and take a slow step out of the car,” he instructs the young man. “Please keep your face away from us. Lift your shirt up with one hand so we can see your waistline. Spin gently around.”

During this time, another officer interviewing the female driver of the car, who described herself as a mother traveling with her husband, son, and nephew, informs police that a registered gun is inside the vehicle’s closed glovebox.

“Occupants in the car, please keep your hands outside the vehicle.” “We know there’s a gun in there,” the cop with the megaphone is heard stating after learning this. “Be careful if you get in that car because you might get shot.” “Do not get into the car.”

Three minutes later, a colleague of that cop informs him, “The wrong tag was written, this isn’t a stolen vehicle.”

“All right, I’m taking my gun away from them,” he says.

Later, the father is heard telling the police that the scenario is a “terrible experience,” as the adolescent who was forced out of the vehicle sobs.

“I understand you have to do your jobs, man, but we are all legit,” he remarked.

The officer is also heard addressing the adolescent, “We are so sorry you had to go through that,” and describing the situation as a “honest mistake.”

“Hey, man, don’t let this affect your game,” he advises.

An “ongoing review” of the traffic stop, according to the Frisco Police Department, will “identify further changes to training, policies, and procedures.”

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Written by Anthony Peters