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Frances Tiafoe Says He Gets Death Threats on Social Media After He Losses Tennis Matches

After former US Open Champion Sloane Stephens opened up about struggling with online hate and racism, Frances Taifoe also says he receives death threats after losses.

The 25-year-old American from Maryland who made it to the third round in the French Round by beating Aslan on Thursday says “Everybody gets them after a loss.”

Tiafoe said online abuse and racism have gotten worse.

“It’s just how society is today. I know how that affects people’s mental health. That’s very real.”

The Roland Garros (French Open) is paying a software company to use artificial intelligence to block abuse and racist comments from the timeline of athletes featuring at the tournament.

Former US Open Champion Sloane Stephens also said she has had to fight her way through racism throughout her tennis career.Stephens opened up about racism following her first-round win over Karolina Pliskova in the French Open on Monday.

“Yes, it’s obviously been a problem my entire career. It has never stopped. If anything, it’s only gotten worse,” Sloane said.

“I did hear about the software. I have not used it,” she explained. “I have a lot of obviously keywords banned on Instagram and all of these things, but that doesn’t stop someone from just typing in an asterisk or typing it in a different way, which obviously software most of the time doesn’t catch.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins