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Tragic Turn: Father Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Son Dies at Hospital, Kenner Police Say

Father Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Son Dies

Father Accused of Killing 3-Year-Old Son Dies at Hospital, Kenner Police Say.

The Kenner Police Department reports that Melvin McClinton Sr. died from suicide attempt injuries after his three-year-old son, Carmelo, died.

The terrifying occurrence in which McClinton Sr. shot his small kid before shooting himself left him in critical condition at the hospital.

Melvin McClinton Jr., 18, was shot and died on 42nd Street days before Wednesday’s tragedy. The McClintons were grieving.

“My brother, he just the things he went through as far as losing his son and trying to hold it together, it was too much to bear.” Thalmus Williams

Thalmus Williams, a relative, said Melvin McClinton Jr.’s death was devastating “That was hard. We were all on edge, trying to deal.”

Williams suspects anguish over McClinton Sr.’s oldest son’s death contributed to Wednesday’s tragedy.

Authorities say McClinton Sr. fought with his three-year-old son’s mother before committing the horrific act. McClinton Sr. shot himself after shooting Carmelo.

Police are probing the tragedy’s causes.

Unfortunately, Jarrone Crimmins, the suspect in Melvin McClinton Jr.’s murder, appeared in court hours before the incident to face first-degree murder and aggravated assault with a firearm charges

According to court records, a detective testified Wednesday that Crimmins arranged a cocaine trade with McClinton Jr.’s friend.

Crimmins was arrested for resisting arrest, theft, and pistol possession between April and August 2023.

If McClinton Sr. survived, he would have been charged with first-degree murder for his son’s death.

The McClinton family must grieve Carmelo and McClinton Sr.

Williams recalled, “My brother, he just the things he went through as far as losing his son and trying to hold it together, it was too much to bear.”

The family has started a GoFundMe effort to pay for Carmelo “Melo” McClinton’s burial, highlighting their sudden and sad loss.

After McClinton Sr.’s self-inflicted gunshot wound, the family started another GoFundMe account to cover funeral expenditures.

The McClinton family needs comfort and assistance as the community recovers from this tragedy.

The community is left grieving and wondering about human suffering after these tragedies. The deaths of little Carmelo and his father, Melvin McClinton Sr., demonstrate the devastating effects of violence on families and communities.

As they grieve Carmelo and Melvin Sr., the McClinton family is heartbroken. The circumstances of these terrible situations, especially Melvin Jr.’s death, exacerbate their anguish. The family’s grief highlights the devastating effects of violence and the necessity for support services to address the root causes.

The McClinton family has found comfort in community support during their mourning. GoFundMe campaigns for funeral expenses show the compassion and solidarity of individuals who want to contribute during this tough time. In the sadness of their loss, friends, neighbors, and strangers’ compassion and sensitivity give hope.

As the community mourns young Carmelo and Melvin Sr., there is a renewed push for knowledge and resources to address the core causes of violence and provide healing and assistance. The tragedies underscore the need for mental health treatment, conflict mediation, and community measures to avert future catastrophes.

After these heartbreaking losses, a shared resolve to memorialize Carmelo and Melvin Sr. by pushing for good change and promoting empathy, understanding, and compassion has emerged. Community action and solidarity can create safer, healthier environments where families can thrive and children can grow up without violence.

The McClinton family is not alone in their loss and healing. They have constant support, love, and solidarity from their community. They will honor Carmelo and Melvin Sr. and work toward a brighter future for future generations.


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