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Fans React to Shannon Sharpe’s Decisions to Leave Skip Bayliss and ‘Undisputed’

Hall of Fame Pro-Footballer and popular sports pundit is reportedly splitting with long-term co-host of the ‘Undisputed’ Skip Bayliss after a rumored buyout with Fox Sports 1s. Sources close to the matter say Sharpe will leave the show after the conclusion of the NBA finals in June.

“Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” is one of the network’s most popular sports shows.  Sharpe previously worked at CBS as an NFL commentator. In addition to the TV show, Sharpe’s popular podcast show Club Shay Shay is also partnered with Fox. The podcast will also reportedly go independent after the buyout.

Fans reacted to the news on social media. Many pointed to a particularly heated exchange between Sharpe and Bayliss over Tom Brady that fans think lead to Sharpe’s decision to leave.

“The articles on Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed are leaving out how Shannon & Skip got into it about Tom Brady in what seemed to be their most personal disagreement on-air yet (3 weeks before the Demar tweet) We all saw the writing on the wall then. Let’s not act brand new” user Randall Barnes commented on Twitter.

“Before debate shows Skip was one of the most respected journalist out there he handpicked Stephen A Smith and Shannon Sharpe to do shows with him, he created the genre of debate shows we’re watching whether for better or worse,” user Ahmed tweeted in response to another user asking, “Who is Skip Bayliss without Shannon Sharpe or Stephen A. Smith?”

“Shannon Sharpe leaving Undisputed. Skip’s downfall is upon us,” said @MaskedinLA

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Written by Aliyah Collins