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Family of Shanquella Robinson Sends Letter to Tubi Series Requesting Cease-And-Desist

According to the report, a lawyer representing the family of Shanquella Robinson, the Charlotte woman who died while on a vacation with friends to Mexico in October of last year, sent a cease-and-desist letter to the criminal drama “Street Legal” over the show’s alleged exploitation of her death in a recent episode of the show.

The letter was sent because the show is accused of using her death as a plot device in a recent episode of the show.

In October of the previous year, Robinson died unexpectedly when he was on holiday with friends in Mexico. Robinson did not make it through the journey and died away after it.

The following is an excerpt from the letter that was written by attorney Sue-Ann Robinson. The letter adds, “We must express our profound dismay at the distressing misrepresentation and unauthorized use of Shanquella’s identity and the events surrounding her tragic passing.” In the end, it was successful in obtaining a copy of the letter.

It has been said that the episode of Frenemies named “Frenemies,” which is a part of the second season of the program and can be seen on the video streaming application known as Tubi, went too far with the content that it featured.

This particular episode is accessible to watch on Tubi. Because the program had Shanquella Robinson and her family experience the tragedy “in a manner that is inaccurate, disrespectful, and damaging to the reputation,” according to what Sue-Ann Robinson wrote, the show violated the legal rights of Shanquella Robinson and her family and caused her loved ones emotional suffering.

This was done by forcing them to relive the catastrophe “in a manner that is inaccurate, disrespectful, and damaging to the reputation.”

The attorney issued an order that Tubi and any other platforms that carried the episode and/or a picture of Robinson delete both from their respective services.

The directive included both the program and the photo. In addition to this, it is being demanded that an apology be made in front of everyone, as well as financial compensation being paid to her family.

Robinson, who was 25 years old at the time, was found unresponsive in Mexico on October 29. He had traveled there for his holiday with six of his college buddies, four of them were ladies and two of whom were males. Two men and four women made up the total membership of the organization.

The party was vacationing in San Jose del Cabo, which is located in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur, and they had hired a property there for their accommodations. The closest major city near San Jose del Cabo is San Diego, which is almost a thousand miles to the north of San Jose del Cabo.

According to her family, her pals allegedly informed her parents that she had died of alcohol poisoning before she passed away.

Her death was the result of alcohol poisoning. On the other side, a video of Robinson being assaulted by a person who was on vacation with her was uploaded to social media and quickly went viral. This individual was Robinson’s travel companion.

It is not known where along the road the video was filmed, nor is it possible to tell if Robinson’s injuries led to her dying death. Neither of these things can be proven with certainty. Neither one of these facts can be established beyond a reasonable doubt.

It was revealed in April by prosecutors in the United States that they would not pursue charges in connection with the death of Robinson because they were unable to discover enough evidence to develop a federal criminal case.

The reason for this is because they were unable to identify enough evidence to establish a federal criminal case. This is due to the fact that they were unable to locate sufficient evidence to create a federal criminal case against the defendant.

In the meanwhile, the authorities in Mexico have filed a warrant for the suspect’s arrest and asked for them to be extradited to Mexico so that they may face the allegations that are pending against them there.

This is so that they can face the charges that they are being held accountable for in Mexico. According to the results of an autopsy that was conducted by the appropriate authorities in Mexico, both Robinson’s spinal cord and her neck received significant damage, which ultimately led to her passing away.

This was determined by examining Robinson’s body after her death. On the other hand, the results of an autopsy that was performed in the United States revealed evidence that was in stark contrast to the findings of an autopsy that had been performed in Mexico.

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Written by Anthony Peters