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Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Tyisha Hampton Denies His Explosive Claims of Infidelity and Abortions

Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Tyisha Hampton Denies His Explosive Claims of Infidelity and Abortions

Kel Mitchell’s Ex-Wife Tyisha Hampton Denies His Explosive Claims of Infidelity and Abortions. In a dramatic turn of events, Tyisha Hampton, ex-wife of actor and comedian Kel Mitchell, has publicly denied his recent allegations of infidelity and abortions during their marriage. The former couple, who share two children, Lyric and Allure, have been embroiled in a contentious public exchange following Mitchell’s interview on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast, where he made several bombshell claims about their tumultuous relationship.

Mitchell, best known for his roles on Nickelodeon’s “Kenan & Kel” and “Good Burger,” alleged that his marriage to Hampton was marred by deceit and betrayal. In the interview, Mitchell recounted an incident where he purportedly caught Hampton with another man at a hotel. He also claimed that she had been unfaithful, resulting in multiple pregnancies by other men and subsequent abortions.

“I ended up marrying my ex-wife because we had another baby,” Mitchell stated in the podcast. “We had the abortion and then we had a baby… and she ended up telling me that the baby that was aborted wasn’t mine. Within that process, you already marry within a lie.”

In a swift and emphatic response, Hampton took to TikTok to refute these accusations. In a video posted on Wednesday, she vehemently denied Mitchell’s assertions, labeling them as outright lies.

This man is lying about abortions. Just the fact that you’re even lying about abortions is crazy,” Hampton declared. “That’s really crazy work. But then also to state that because of these fake abortions, because of cheating you wanted to ,  because of me cheating ,  this man said he wanted to kill himself.”

Hampton did not stop there. In a separate TikTok video, she challenged the timeline and feasibility of Mitchell’s claims. “Kel’s math is not mathing. He is not talking about me,” she asserted. “I am not the one that is pregnant. It’s not even physically possible.” She emphasized her point by revealing that she was a virgin when she married Mitchell in 1999. “The very first time that I had sex, I was impregnated with my son, who is here and he’s alive and well. There could not have been an abortion between any of that because obviously, that’s not how that works.”

The couple’s history has been fraught with legal and personal battles. Hampton and Mitchell, who were married from 1999 to 2005, have previously faced off in court over financial disputes. In 2022, Hampton sought $1.2 million in back spousal and child support, further highlighting the ongoing tensions between them.

Mitchell’s revelations on the podcast included another incendiary claim: that he had caught Hampton with another man, which he described as the final straw in their marriage.

Adding to the complexity of the narrative, Mitchell mentioned that another man had called him, professing that he and Hampton wanted to be together. These revelations have further fueled the public spectacle surrounding their relationship.

Since their divorce, both Mitchell and Hampton have moved on with their lives. Mitchell remarried in 2012 to Asia Lee, with whom he shares two young children, daughter Wisdom and son Honor. Hampton, meanwhile, continues to maintain a public presence, often addressing her past and present on social media.

The explosive nature of these allegations and denials underscores the deep-seated animosity and unresolved issues between Mitchell and Hampton. As the public watches this drama unfold, it remains to be seen whether further revelations or reconciliations will emerge from this highly publicized dispute.

For now, Hampton’s adamant denials stand in stark contrast to Mitchell’s detailed accusations, painting a complex picture of a marriage that ended nearly two decades ago but continues to provoke headlines and controversy.


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