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Ex-NFL player has gone missing after the murder of his mother

What began as a missing persons search for former NFL player Sergio Brown and his elderly mother in a small Illinois town developed into a much more unsettling mystery over the weekend when the woman’s corpse was discovered in a stream.

Mr Brown, 35, had retired from the limelight in 2016, but he made headlines again on September 16 when anxious relatives declared him and Myrtle Brown, 73, missing.

“I’m not going to wait another hour… If you see them or one of them, please get in touch with me or the Maywood Police Department,” Nick Brown said in a panicked Facebook post that included photos of his mother and brother.

Efforts to find the two alive and well were cut short when Myrtle was discovered dead barely a day later, less than 100 yards from her house. While the hunt for Mr Brown in the suburban community continues, authorities have confirmed that her death is being treated as a murder.

Sergio Brown, a former NFL player, resurfaced on social media two days after his mother’s corpse was discovered in a stream outside her Illinois house.

The postings came only days after Myrtle Brown’s corpse was discovered in a stream outside her Maywood, Illinois, home.

Sergio Brown, according to a neighbour, was caught on security footage. Destroying mother’s clothing

In an interview, Myrtle Brown’s neighbour Carlos Cortez said that “family members had told him Mr Brown had not been acting like himself lately but did not elaborate on what type of behaviour had given that impression.”

“They stated he hadn’t been himself in a few months. “He was insane,” Mr Cortez told the newspaper.

Mr. Cortez further said that he had provided investigators with a Ring doorbell video showing Mr. Brown allegedly burning his mother’s things. Brown’s relatives are also said to have corroborated the former NFL player’s conduct to Mr Cortez.

“They saw him taking out the trash and having a bonfire where he burned all her clothes,” Mr Cortez said.

The family of a former NFL player is shrouded in mystery after the ex-New England Patriot went missing — and his mother was discovered dead in an Illinois stream.

Sergio Brown’s family and his mother, Myrtle Brown, are said to have called authorities.

On Saturday, they stated that they couldn’t reach either of them. That’s when police started looking for missing people.

According to family relatives, the former NFL player has not been in contact with them.

Sergio Brown’s brother, Nick Brown, has written a memorial to his late mother.

Sergio Brown’s brother thanked the community for their support and prayers in an Instagram post.

“It’s a difficult but hopeful time, and we’ll all get through it together.” “Mom always said, ‘tough times don’t last,’ and our most recent conversation about tough times being temporary is my beacon of hope,” Nick Brown said.

The bereaved kid recalled his mother as “strong, caring, diligent, fancy, and funny” and begged his brother to come home.

“My brother Sergio remains missing.” “If anyone knows where he is, please let him know that I love him and that he should come home,” he added.

‘We’re going to find out what occurred,’ Myrtle Brown’s family said.

Myrtle’s sister, Sheila Simmons, said in an interview that she last talked with her on September 14th and that neither she nor Mr Brown were returning phone calls. Following that, the Maywood Police Department initiated a missing persons investigation.

Ms Simmons, who lives out of state, said that the agency advised her that her family members were nowhere to be located. She went to her sister’s house in Maywood and saw that things were out of order.

Later that day, family members and officials discovered Myrtle’s corpse in the Addison Creek Reservoir, about 100 yards from her house. Myrtle’s death was ruled a murder by the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office.

She died as a result of many unidentified assault injuries, according to papers retrieved.

“We’re going to find out what happened because it’s not normal for my sister not to answer her phone, not to respond to text messages,” Ms Simmons said of her sister’s death. “People have been contacting her since Friday. Nobody was able to contact her. Now, I received a call this morning stating she was missing, so I hurried out here right away to find out she was dead.”

The department is aware of the social media account, according to Maywood police.

“At this time, this is an ongoing investigation, and the department is unable to provide any additional information.” “We appreciate your patience as our agency investigates the matter,” police added.

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