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Eric Adams faces backlash for city’s ‘haphazard’ migrant policy: ‘Cruelty’

A Democrat mayor, Eric Adams, is facing intense criticism over the implementation of a 60-day limit on migrant stays in city shelters. A report by Comptroller Brad Lander found that the policy was hurried, lacked clear objectives, and had no written protocols. The policy was introduced in October 2023, when the city was overwhelmed by an influx of migrants.

The report found that the policy was implemented in a “haphazard” manner, with no written policies in place for key elements of the program. Families were not provided with adequate notice of their right to return to shelter or seek reasonable accommodations. The policy also undermined migrants’ ability to obtain work authorization and unemployment, and the city does not evaluate program effectiveness.

Lander’s office recommended ending the rule and implementing more “humane” and long-term strategies. Adams’ office responded, highlighting its record amid the enormous numbers of migrants it has seen flood into the city. The city has written policies for areas referenced in the report and has provided services such as temporary housing, immunizations, and exit planning.

The controversy surrounding the policy has sparked a wider debate about the city’s response to the migrant crisis. Adams has blamed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for busing migrants to the city and has called for federal assistance. The situation highlights the challenges cities face in responding to the ongoing migrant crisis and the need for more effective and humane solutions.

Adams’ handling of the crisis has been touted as a success, with over 18,000 children in temporary housing enrolled in schools and over 65,000 immunizations provided. However, critics argue that the 60-day limit is cruel and ineffective, disrupting families’ efforts to obtain work authorization and legal status.

“Moreover, the policy has been implemented in a haphazard manner. No written policies are in place for key elements of the program; even the exemption of women in the final months of pregnancy, announced after pregnant women were evicted, is not a written policy provided to staff or shelter providers,” the report found.

The report’s findings are a scathing indictment of the city’s handling of the migrant crisis. The lack of written policies and protocols has led to a chaotic and inhumane implementation of the 60-day limit. The city’s failure to provide adequate notice and support to families has only added to the crisis.

Adams’ office must take immediate action to address the report’s findings and implement more humane and effective solutions. This includes ending the 60-day limit, providing additional support and resources to families, and working with federal authorities to find a long-term solution to the migrant crisis.

The migrant crisis is a national issue that requires a national solution. Cities like New York cannot bear the burden alone. The federal government must provide meaningful financial support, create a national resettlement strategy, and allow migrants to work immediately.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the 60-day limit on migrant stays in city shelters is a symptom of a larger crisis. The city’s handling of the situation has been inadequate, and more humane and effective solutions are needed. The federal government must take action to address the migrant crisis and support cities like New York in their efforts to provide shelter and support to those in need.

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