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Drake and Meek Mill reconcile during his concert eight years after their falling out: “It Means the Most to Me.”

“Y’all seen who I walked out here with, right?” At the Wells Fargo Center, Drizzy addressed the crowd.The conflict between Drake and Meek Mill is over.

At the Philadelphia stop of the It’s All a Blur Tour on Monday night, 36-year-old Mill accompanied Drake on foot. Although the Philadelphia native didn’t sing any of his songs, he did get a shoutout from Drake, who talked about their previous argument from 2015 and how they have now let it go.

“Y’all see who I walked out here with, right?” I said. Drake, 36, addressed the Wells Fargo Center crowd. I’d always be completely honest with you. That dude over there has been representing this city ever since he started this s— when I was last in this place.

He went on, Because he is a true n—- and I didn’t get along with him at the time, he surely got us out of Philadelphia quickly. We were not permitted to linger and unwind.

The rapper Certified Lover Boy expressed his gratitude for how their friendship had come full circle. In his own words, “It means the most to me that I could come back to this city and show the growth as two men that we can come here tonight and we can represent for motherf——- Philadelphia together.”

In admiration of his frequent partner, Drake said, “That’s what this s— is about.”

Fans have previously seen the two MCs work together onstage after they had declared their dispute in public. Drake brought Mill onstage in September 2018, indicating that the past was behind them.

To commemorate their reconciliation, the Degrassi alum posted a picture of them together on Instagram.

Drake captioned the image, “This really gave me peace of mind tonight.” “One of the most exciting and satisfying moments of my career was created by healing and moving forward.”

Following their collaboration on the rapper’s track “R.I.C.O.” for the Dreamchasers project in the summer of 2015, Mill accused Drake of utilizing a ghostwriter.

Drake replied at the time with the diss singles “Back to Back” and “Charged Up,” which both addressed the charges.

Drake explained why he was targeted by Mill during a two-hour interview in December 2019, claiming the single parent was in a poor position. Drake also remembered Mill becoming irritated because he skipped a concert

During the discussion with hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B. Dot” Miller, Drake remarked, “I don’t like to glorify the situation or talk about it too much.

Meek genuinely cares about that. I’ll be the first to tell you that Meek is that man for genuine, even if I realize that he has undoubtedly changed his life.

I have no quarrel with any punks. That was a major thing for us to be able to change. Since we both knew how far it was going and how close it came to going, I believe we both felt obligated.

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Written by Anthony Peters