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Don Lemon keeps possibility open for CNN comeback: ‘Never say never’

Don Lemon keeps possibility open for CNN

Don Lemon keeps possibility open for CNN comeback.While he explores new opportunities, his willingness to consider coming back suggests a potential reunion with the network in the future.

Don Lemon’s recent remarks about the possibility of returning to CNN or exploring opportunities with other networks like MSNBC shed light on his openness to new ventures in the media landscape.

Despite his sudden ousting from CNN last year, Lemon appears to have not closed the door entirely on a potential return, stating, “I would never say never.” This statement indicates a degree of willingness to consider re-joining the network where he had a prominent presence for many years.

“Would you ever go back to CNN?” Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin asked on Wednesday. “Never say never, the people who ousted me are no longer at the CNN”.

During a recent interview while promoting his new digital show, Lemon reflected on the changes at CNN since his departure, noting that many of the individuals involved in his exit are no longer with the network.

This observation suggests that the environment at CNN may have evolved, potentially making a return more appealing to Lemon. He mentioned that returning to CNN would be interesting, hinting at the possibility of a reunion with the network where he made a significant impact as a journalist and anchor.

Additionally, Lemon expressed openness to the idea of joining MSNBC, another prominent cable news network known for its left-leaning perspective. However, he emphasized that the terms of any potential offer would be crucial, indicating that he values flexibility in his professional commitments. Lemon admitted to feeling exhausted by the demanding schedule of hosting a show five days a week for two hours each day, suggesting that he may prefer a less rigorous workload in his future endeavours.

Furthermore, Lemon’s recent appearance on CNN after his firing indicates a potential thawing of tensions between him and the network. His willingness to discuss his spat with Elon Musk, despite their previous differences, suggests a level of professionalism and a desire to maintain connections within the industry. This appearance could be seen as a positive sign for Lemon’s prospects of re-establishing a relationship with CNN, especially considering the changes in leadership at the network since his departure.

The circumstances surrounding Lemon’s departure from CNN last April were marked by controversies, including clashes with his morning show co-hosts and backlash over remarks he made about Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley. However, with the departure of then-CNN CEO Chris Licht, who was responsible for firing Lemon, and subsequent changes in leadership at the network, the possibility of Lemon returning to CNN may not be entirely out of reach.

The case of Jeffrey Toobin, CNN’s former chief legal analyst, provides a precedent for a former employee returning to the network after a period of absence. Toobin, who was believed to have been pushed out by Licht, has made multiple on-air appearances as a guest in recent weeks, indicating a level of reconciliation between him and the network. While Toobin is not an official contributor, his reintegration into CNN suggests that the network may be open to welcoming back former employees under the right circumstances.


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