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DDG, Halle Bailey’s boyfriend, received criticism for a song on relationship insecurity

In a brand-new song named “Famous,” DDG appears to make reference to his girlfriend Halle Bailey.

The song’s lyrics were on DDG’s concerns over Bailey’s professional life, notably her work on “The Little Mermaid.”

Online, Bailey’s supporters criticized the song’s lyrics.

DDG seemed to admit his doubts about his connection to Halle Bailey.

The rapper’s recent song, “Famous,” which seems to be about Bailey’s Hollywood career, includes some of his open statements. Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” which debuted in cinemas in May, featured Bailey as Ariel.

His new album, “Maybe It’s Me…,” contains the song, which became available for streaming on Friday.

I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to accomplish and how we’re going to succeed.The lyrics sang, “Filming’ a movie now you kissing’ dudes.” “You know I love you a lot/I don’t give a fuck if that shit is for promo/I don’t wanna see this shit anymore.”

Then, DDG seemed to make reference to Jonah Hauer-King and Bailey touching hands when the two were promoting “The Little Mermaid” in the UK.

Why are you two holding hands in the picture? I keep coming back/Wanna leave you but I’m too attached/You know I’m insecure, that’s not good,” he adds.

DDG goes into more detail about his alleged anxieties in the second stanza.

DDG stated, “I’ve been so insecure that I’ve been thinking you really be fucking niggas you in movies with/But on the internet, I just be coolin’ it, but in my head, a nigga really losin’ it/Gotta be payin’ good because you keep doing it, I might just tweet something just to ruin it/I got a platform, I’m abusin’ it.”

He said, “There are a few things about your work that I want to know (I do)/Do these niggas turn you on while you’re filming your movie? (On)/Do you two still text each other on your phones after you leave the set? (Phone). anything doesn’t make anything right just because they’re filming it.

Online, Bailey’s supporters criticized DDG’s lyrics since they seemed to also refer to Bailey as “a famous bitch.”

“The misogyny and pure dismissal of Halle is overwhelming,” one person said.

Insider’s request for comment was not immediately answered by Bailey’s representatives.

Despite the fact that the pair started dating in March 2022, there have been breakup rumors and public scrutiny of their relationship.

In February, the pair got into an online spat with DDG’s ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose when Rose claimed Bailey was wearing her clothing in pictures posted on social media. Rose’s allegations were refuted by DDG and Bailey.

Fans claimed that DDG created a throwaway Twitter account the same month to make disparaging remarks about tweets about “The Little Mermaid,” the source stated.

DDG and Bailey have both reacted to criticism of their romance.

In a video posted on Thursday, DDG said to Genius that their followers make assumptions about their relationship without knowing them.

Because they don’t comprehend it, people often say things like, “Bro, you don’t know what’s really going on.’ That is the issue with the internet, according to DDG. “They take everything out of context and fabricate a narrative for themselves.”

Bailey said that despite the many views about her that exist, she makes an effort to keep her personal life a secret in a May interview with Glamour.

Bailey stated, “Sometimes people place you on this pedestal. They fail to recognize your humanity. They overlook your emotions and you’re crying.

It’s very strange how people still see you as this little girl, as this innocent, untouchable creature, she said. I value having the freedom to choose my own course as I enter adulthood.

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