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Daniel Cormier Responds to Jon Jones Holding Out the Olive Branch

Beef between the former UFC champions Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier goes back and it involves Jones beating Cormier twice for the heavyweight title and a long-running public fued between the two fighters.

Jon “Bones” Jones, who has not fought since February 2020 and is making his UFC comeback against CirylGane has held out an olive branch to Cormier to squash between the two fighters. Jones invited Cormier to commentate on his comeback fight.

Jones said this in a tweet: “DC you are more than welcome to commentate at my fight, I think you are really good at what you do. I trust that you would be non-biased. All the best brother.”

Daniel “DC” Cormier has retired from the UFC and is now one of the game’s most well-known commentators.

DC responded to the tweet on his YouTube channel: “You guys know how I feel about Jones and how we have felt about each other in the past. But it leads me to this question: How do I take this?”

“But it leads me to this question: How do I take this? This particular tweet, which at times feels like a compliment, but also could be interpreted as a bit of a dig – considering at times, people call me biased in my commentary and all this other stuff. … First, just for the record, I don’t really need permission to call someone’s fight.”

“I’ll be honest with you, it’s kind of nice hearing a fighter acknowledges, that even with our history, he believes that I can do him justice and do the job fairly – because I’ve done it before… It seems now that Jones is maturing. He seems to be taking a much different approach to the build to the fight and how he’s approaching everything. But it feels nice for him to acknowledge, ‘I think this guy could do me justice.’”

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Written by Aliyah Collins