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Louisiana Dad Charged With Starting New Orleans Home Fire That Killed His 3 Children

Dad Charged With Starting New Orleans Home Fire

Louisiana dad charged with starting New Orleans home fire that killed his 3 children. The New Orleans Police Department told the media that the mother of the three children, who was not in the home when the fire started, contacted 911 at 11:55 p.m. Tuesday to report that the father threatened to burn the house down. The residence was on fire when first responders arrived at midnight.

According to police, three children perished in an early-morning fire at a New Orleans home after their father made threats to set the house on fire. On Wednesday, the father was taken into custody outside of New Orleans.

After obtaining emergency medical assistance at the site, a 5-year-old girl and an 8-year-old boy died in the hospital.

The third kid, a 3-year-old boy, was discovered dead inside the residence by firefighters, authorities said. Around 11:40 a.m., officials arrested Joseph Washington, the children’s father, for the fire that killed three children.

According to a Wednesday afternoon news conference at NOPD headquarters, the 29-year-old faces three charges of second-degree murder, three of cruelty to a youngster, and one of aggravated arson.

“We’re furious, angry, and sad. Together, we express this community’s indignation… The needless and awful loss of three young children in domestic violence last night brought us here, “Interim NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick remarked.

Media security footage showed the home’s flames coming from the rear. In a black Dodge Charger, someone fled the residence on video.

New Orleans police verified that Washington owned the automobile filmed and discovered half submerged in the Mississippi River near Gretna.

Washington was nabbed by cops while driving along the highway in another car. Police say he attempted to leap from an overpass when his car stopped.

Washington’s arrest-related injuries remain unclear, authorities added.The fire’s cause is under investigation.The community supports mourning family members.

Ray Avenue Baptist Church pastor Robert Brown told New Orleans reporters that the children’s mother, who lost her family, should be our first concern.

His brain shouldn’t have anything to cause such behavior. We must worry about this hospitalized mother. She’s heartbroken. She’ll need plenty of aid. “She’ll need lots of care,” Brown added.

Angela Palmer-Brown, the children’s step-grandma, told the broadcaster that people who loved them would remember them.

The one thing she can’t forget is them.”They were angels. Therefore, our world was flipped upside down… I see them on the porch. Seeing them. Will always see them. My brain is tattooed, “Palmer-Brown reported.

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Written by Aliyah Collins