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DaBaby Pleads with Judge to Postpone Civil Rights Trial

According to documents obtained by RadarOnline, DaBaby has filed a motion requesting the judge to delay his civil rights trial.

Jonathan “DaBaby” Kirk is fighting a civil right suit with his ex-landlord, Gary Pagar who took him to court for an alleged assault by DaBaby. DaBaby was renting Pagar’s North Carolina property.

Pagar filed felony assault charges against DaBaby for allegedly punching him in the face. The altercation occurred over a videoshoot on the property.

DaBaby’s lawyers have filed documents stating that he “cannot be called to testify in this matter until after his criminal case has been resolved, which will not be until October 2023, at minimum.”

“If the trial date is not continued, [DaBaby] will not be able to respond to discovery or testify without providing information that could potentially incriminate him in the parallel criminal case. The trial date must be continued to protect [DaBaby’s] Fifth Amendment rights.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins