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Da Brat’s First Child with Wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart Is Born: “Feels Like a Dream”

The Brat is on top of the world! The rapper and her wife, Jesseca Harris-Dupart, announced the birth of their first child to People. The baby boy weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces when he came on Thursday (July 6) at 8:30 p.m.

“I can’t believe he came from within me! It’s like a dream. He is flawless in every aspect.”

Da Brat, 49, told the publication.

“This journey has been more amazing than we could’ve ever imagined.”

The Grammy-nominated singer revealed that after seeing her kid, the pair pondered altering the name they had chosen for him. “His name was True Legend Harris-Dupart before we met him, but now that we’ve met him, we’re tempted to call him PERFECT.”

Harris-Dupart also announced the birth on Instagram, and revealed that the pair did not, in fact, change the baby’s name. She also posted a video of the duo at the hospital, with Da Brat on an operating table.

“I’m getting ready to have a baby!” the artist announces to the camera. “I’m numb, like I’m a biology project sprawled out.” “We’ve got a baby!” shouts a voice moments later. Da Brat’s eyes widen and she appears surprised. When a voice adds afterwards, “That’s him crying!” tears flood down the new mother’s cheeks.

“We are overwhelmed with love, and we are extremely grateful for such a blessing of our bundle of joy,” Harris-Dupart captioned the video. “This journey has been more amazing than we could’ve ever imagined.”

Despite the fact that this is Da Brat’s first kid, businesswoman Harris-Dupart has three children from a previous marriage.

When she announced her pregnancy in February, the rapper told People that she didn’t think having children was in her destiny at first. “I’ve had a wonderful career and a full life.” “I felt like it wasn’t going to happen for me because I didn’t get pregnant earlier on,” she explained at the time.

Da Brat also mentioned that she had never considered having children until she met her now-wife. She also told the magazine that she didn’t want to be the one to get pregnant and carry the child.

But Harris-Dupart was able to alter her mind — she wanted the rapper to “have the experience” of being pregnant since “she is so nurturing,” according to the businesswoman.

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Written by Anthony Peters