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Coco Gauff’sMessage to Young Girls: “Never Give Up on Your Dreams”

“I don’t know what happened when I landed on the floor. ‘Oh, it’s over,’ it’s like. “This whole struggle is over,” stated the recently crowned US Open winner in an interview with ABC News.

Gauff said that the hug she had with her parents, which we all saw live on television, seemed like a lengthy embrace.

“I’m not a sensitive person… he [her father] was the first person I saw when I walked up those stairs… yeah, immediately brought to tears,” she remarked.

Gauff’s triumph cemented her place in history as not just one of the youngest American women to win the US Open, but also one of the few Black American women to do it. On that platform, she joins Althea Gibson, Venus and Serena Williams, and Sloane Stephens.

“I’m a product of their legacy and all of the trials and tribulations they had to go through,” she said. “And without them, I wouldn’t have this trophy.” And I don’t know, it’s pretty nice to see their names up here and know that mine will be engraved beside them.”

Gauff had a message for the little ladies who saw her victory on Ashe Stadium, a court where a young Coco watched tennis matches with her parents. The United States Open released a video of little Coco dancing in the spectators.

“If she had known what was going to happen, she would have been jumping even higher and crazier.” I believe it was ten years later; I’m not sure how old I was in that video, but I believe I was nine. So carrying this 10 years later is insane. “And I think the most important thing I would tell her is to keep dreaming and believing because they are very possible and very within reach,” she said as she accepted the prize.

Gauff had been keeping track of who was watching her matches in the stands and who was talking about her on social media, but one message stood out above the others. She was waiting for a call from Vice President Joe Biden.

“I heard Mr. President is going to call, so that’s going to be a strange conversation,” she remarked, adding, “I’m sure he’ll say congratulations.” And I’m not sure what I’ll say to him. But it’s strange to think that I’m going to meet the president of the United States. I’ve previously met the former president, Barack Obama, and that was very exciting.”

According to the White House, Biden subsequently spoke via phone with the tennis prodigy and her parents. Gauff received the call after wrapping off an evening of post-match interviews and picture ops.

“The President spoke with Coco Gauff and her parents over the phone.” “He congratulated her on her US Open victory,” the White House stated in a statement.

Gauff was characterized as thrilled when he received the call from the president. Gauff was also invited to the White House by Biden.

The USTA honored the 50th anniversary of equal pay at the US Open in 2023, a milestone brought about by the labor of tennis legend Billie Jean King and commemorated throughout the two-week event.

Gauff stated after the prize presentation, “Thank you, Billie, for fighting for this.”

“Billie is clearly a trailblazer both on and off the court.” And I’m grateful that you know we’re here as a woman, as a black woman, getting paid the same as the guys in this competition,” she told ABC News.

How does a 19-year-old celebrate winning the US Open? Gauff said that she was on her way to meet her parents and team at a sports bar, where she would finally sit down and eat a burger.

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Written by Anthony Peters