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Clarence Thomas speaks out on facing ‘hostility’ from critics, labels D.C. as ‘hideous place’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas spoke at a judicial conference on Friday, addressing the “nastiness” and “lies” he and his wife have faced over the past few years. He criticized Washington, D.C. as a “hideous place” where people pride themselves on being “awful.” Thomas, a conservative justice, has faced recent criticism over accusations of accepting luxury trips from a GOP donor without reporting them and his wife’s use of social media to push claims of corruption against President Biden.

Thomas did not directly address the criticisms but spoke about the challenges of working in a mean-spirited world. He emphasized the importance of not letting others define you and said that “reckless” people in Washington, D.C. can “bomb your reputation” with harmful words and actions. He noted that while people may not be able to prevent others from saying or doing hurtful things, they do have the power to choose how they respond and whether they allow it to affect them.

Thomas also spoke about his personal life, including his love of RVing, which allows him to connect with “regular people” who don’t pride themselves on doing harmful things. He expressed his distaste for Washington, D.C. and the way people behave there, saying it’s a place where people “pride themselves on being awful.” He and his wife, conservative activist Ginni Thomas, have faced intense scrutiny and criticism in recent years, with some calling for his recusal or impeachment.

Despite the criticism, Thomas remains a prominent figure in the Supreme Court and a champion of conservative values. He has been a vocal advocate for originalism and textualism, and has written several influential opinions on issues such as gun rights and religious freedom.

Thomas’s remarks at the judicial conference were met with a mix of applause and criticism. Some praised his candor and willingness to speak truth to power, while others saw it as another example of his controversial and divisive rhetoric.

The conference, held at the 11th Circuit Judicial Conference, brought together judges, attorneys, and other court personnel to discuss issues related to the judiciary and the legal profession. Thomas’s keynote address was one of the most highly anticipated events of the conference, and his comments did not disappoint.

“You get to be around regular people who don’t pride themselves in doing harmful things, merely because they have the capacity to do it or because they disagree,” he said.

In addition to addressing the criticisms against him, Thomas spoke about the importance of using accessible language in court rulings. He believes that the average person should be able to interpret the law and that legal language should be more inclusive. He noted that the judiciary has a responsibility to serve the public and that this includes making the law accessible to all.

Thomas’s comments on the importance of clear and accessible language in court rulings are particularly relevant in today’s legal landscape. With the increasing complexity of legal issues and the growing divide between the legal profession and the general public, there is a need for judges and lawyers to communicate more effectively with those they serve.

Thomas’s remarks also highlighted the challenges of working in a highly politicized environment. As a conservative justice, he has faced intense scrutiny and criticism from liberal groups and individuals, and has been accused of being out of touch with the values and beliefs of the broader public.


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