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Chrisean Rock Sued by James Wright for Assault At Tamar Braxton Show

Chrisean Rock Sued by James Wright for Assault At Tamar Braxton Show

Just recently, Chrisean Rock’s list of issues allegedly related to a fight a year ago has become even more extensive.

Following a Tamar Braxton performance in Los Angeles in November of last year, the social media celebrity and rapper was accused of attacking a guy named James Wright Chanel.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday, February 6, for the event.

According to court papers that were acquired by the media, the plaintiff, who is a backup vocalist for the nominee for a Grammy Award, claims that he was taken to the hospital after he suffered two broken teeth and wounds on his face.

In addition to the criminal case brought against Rock for the same event a month ago, this lawsuit has also been filed against him.

Not for any cause, she struck him many times in the face. A statement by Wright Chanel’s attorney said, “We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night.”

As the saying goes, The rings she wore were somewhat comparable to brass knuckles.
A reality television personality was allegedly furious that she was not permitted to rap during the performance, leading to the altercation.

Rock is accused of using a homophobic slur addressed toward Wright Chanel, in addition to an attack, according to the lawsuit.

Chrisean Rock asserted her innocence shortly after the claims were brought to light in November, pointing out that there is no video evidence of the assault or assaults.

During an Instagram Live broadcast, her buddy, who was present at the concert, asked her, “Why would you try to lie and say that nobody told you that she was about to perform that she was going to perform?”

Why was she allowed to use the microphone, and why did they ask me to play her song for the DJ? For example, try to make it make sense. I don’t see why you would even bother telling her to come on stage and pull herself up.

“N-gas is evil these days, and they are so old and washed up, they don’t know what to do,” the 23-year-old then jumped in and stated on the subject. That should be the final option. That being said, I wish you the best of luck. Do I make you feel?

”It is not my intention to mess other people up. That is a joke. To avoid being humiliated, I left my kid at home. After that, they attempted to pretend they were embarrassed by the situation by saying they had struck someone.

When she proceeded, she said, “Did I hit somebody, or did I get embarrassed?” A video would have been produced from it! … They are lying and stuff, and there is no police record that they have. The pursuit of clout is everything.”

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Written by Aliyah Collins