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Chicago rapper, Famous Richard, who bragged he’d never be caught “cried in cell” according to police

A cop-taunting drill rapper wanted for trying to remove guns from officers’ holsters and then boasting on social media that he would never be caught was not only arrested, but “crying in his cell,” cops said.

Richard Sharp, a self-proclaimed member of the Chicago-based Black Disciples street gang who performs under the name Famous Richard, was busted on May 12 in Jamaica, Queens, several weeks after cops released a safety alert about his brazen antics.


Sharp, of Chicago, was obstructing traffic with another person in front of 178-07 119 Road, when cops ordered him to get out of the street, cops said.

He refused and barked, “I’m going to take your pipe.”

“He intended to intimidate officers and caused reasonable expectation of fear of taking the officer’s firearm,”

an NYPD spokesperson said.

The officer then tried to arrest Sharp, who waved his arms wildly and tensed his body so the officer couldn’t handcuff him, officials said.

Following his arrest last week, Sharp shot a video of him being released from a New York City precinct.

He apparently tried to harass the cops, as he is known to do in his TikTok videos, but they repeatedly turned the tables on him saying he was ‘crying in our cells when his phone was taken.

In one such video shot in Times Square, Sharp tells an officer ‘I’m King David’ — a reference to David Barksdale, the founder of the Black Disciples who died in 1947.

“How you coming, shorty?” he continues to berate the cop, who simply replies: ‘You’re the guy that got arrested. You were crying in the cells, I remember that.”

Another video, which appeared to have been shot in a Midtown Manhattan precinct, an officer turns to Sharp and says: “What’s up son? You was crying in the cells last week, right?”

“Who told you that?”  Sharp demands.

“I saw you bro,” the cop replies.

He then goes up to another officer and asks, “I was crying in the cells?”

“You were crying in the cells, big guy,” he responds.

“Stop lying on my name. You got everybody on TikTok thinking I was really crying.”

The NYPD issued a safety alert in April after Sharp posted TikTok videos of himself approaching officers and reaching for their guns.

He also racially harassed an Asian officer in one video, but later took it down.

Sharp has 12 other arrests, including three for firearm possessions and a ‘history of assault on law enforcement.’

Sharp, who could be seen in footage of his arrest last week flailing his arms so that cops could not handcuff him, has since been arraigned on charges of making a terroristic threat, obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, menacing and disorderly conduct.

Under New York law, all of those charges are eligible for bail, and Sharp was released on his own recognizance.

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Written by Jamil Johnson