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Family of Slain Chicago Assistant Principal Demands Justice for Victim

Chicago Assistant Principal Demands Justice

Family of slain Chicago assistant principal demands justice for victim Abnerd Joseph who was shoted. The family claims irregularities and demands responsibility despite Chicago police findings.

“While the inquiry continues, the police report is erroneous. Jay Charles, Joseph’s brother, said, “My brother has never been hostile in 32 years.”

A demonstration of relatives and supporters chanted “No justice, no peace,” demanding transparency and fairness in the probe.

In September 2023, his neighbor allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Abnerd Joseph. The tragedy occurred in Joseph’s condo complex at 60 East Monroe Street.

The truth and justice for Abnerd are our goals. Nobody should disrespect his memory.” Abnerd’s brother Jay Charles Joseph

Initial accounts showed Joseph aggressively pounding on doors, making incomprehensible statements, and trying to enter residents’ units. The doorman and occupants reportedly fought Joseph when they intervened.

Jason Friedl, the family’s attorney, noted that Joseph was unarmed and wearing only boxer shorts and a bathrobe during the confrontation.

He was unclothed and had no gun. He wore boxer shorts and a bathrobe. Unfortunately, I’m here to help the family’s pursuit for justice “Friedl.

Family and friends described Joseph as a mentor, child champion, and passionate educator at Intrinsic School in the Loop for 18 months before the tragedy.

After questioning, the shooter was released. As investigations continue, the family and their lawyers remain committed to accountability and closure.

Abnerd Joseph’s family and community seek justice after his untimely death. Joseph’s family denies police accusations of his erratic behavior and demands a fair investigation.

“Our brother’s character contradicts the police report. Jay Charles expressed the family’s discontent with the official account, saying he was peaceful.

A touching display of unity saw families and allies demand accountability and a thorough investigation into Joseph’s deadly shooting.

In September 2023, a neighbor shot and killed community leader Assistant Principal Abnerd Joseph seven times. The catastrophe occurred in Joseph’s condo complex at 60 East Monroe Street, hurting his family and coworkers.

Witnesses said Joseph was anxious, knocking on doors, and acting strangely before the shooting. However, the family’s attorney, Jason Friedl, stressed Joseph’s fragility, citing his lack of aggression and weaponry.

“He was unarmed and defenseless, clad only in his boxer shorts and bathrobe,” Friedl said, emphasizing the police report’s contrast with Joseph’s recognized manner.

Abnerd Joseph’s legacy goes beyond work. He was a caring mentor and diligent educator at Intrinsic School in the Loop, touching many pupils.

The gunman, Joseph’s neighbor, was detained for interrogation but released, intensifying the family’s search for justice and closure. Despite the setback, Joseph’s family remains committed to truth and accountability.

The family’s determination emphasizes the need of transparency and honesty in justice as investigations continue. Their calls for accountability reflect togetherness and determination in the face of hardship.

A thorough investigation into Abnerd Joseph’s terrible death becomes more urgent. Official versions and family testimony differ, emphasizing the necessity for thorough and unbiased investigation.

The family’s steadfastness in honoring Joseph and fighting for justice resonated with the community. Their dedication to transparency and accountability gives hope in times of great sorrow.

Justice is crucial throughout the legal process. Abnerd Joseph, a role model of compassion and determination, inspires a demand for truth and accountability.

Abnerd Joseph’s legacy lives on in the family’s quest to find closure. After an incomprehensible loss, their voices demand answers and closure as investigations continue.


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Written by Aliyah Collins