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Cardi B Defends Pornography After Candace Owens Calls for Ban

Cardi B Defends Pornography After Candace Owens Calls for Ban

Cardi B Defends Pornography After Candace Owens Calls for Ban. In a heated cultural clash, rapper Cardi B and conservative political commentator Candace Owens have found themselves on opposite sides of the debate over pornography. The two public figures, who have frequently sparred over social and political issues, reignited their feud when Owens called for a ban on pornography, prompting a strong defense from Cardi B.

Owens, 35, known for her outspoken conservative views, took to social media earlier this month to express her stance against pornography. “Ban pornography. It is a psychological weapon intended to weaken our men,” Owens wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) on May 21. She elaborated in subsequent posts, claiming that pornography was “created by the most depraved among our human race to psychologically introduce homosexuality, pedophilia, and incest—religious sacraments to satanists.”

The controversial statements sparked a flurry of reactions online, but it was Cardi B’s response that drew significant attention. The Grammy-winning artist, who has been a frequent target of Owens’ critiques, took to Instagram to share her perspective.

Ommmggg why yall so against porn? Is it that bad for yall?” Cardi wrote. “I enjoy it but I don’t know, I guess it’s like a 6 time a year thing. I personally don’t feel no connection or addiction to it, just a little quick one two… NOTHING LIKE REAL INTIMACY!


Cardi, 31, further argued that pornography could be beneficial as a learning tool.

“It actually should teach men how to please a woman,”

she asserted, highlighting a potential positive aspect that starkly contrasts Owens’ view.

This latest exchange is part of a broader history of public disagreements between Owens and Cardi B. The pair have previously clashed over the rapper’s sexually explicit songs, such as “WAP,” and political matters, including Cardi’s interview with President Joe Biden during the 2020 election campaign. Owens has criticized Cardi’s music for its explicit content and what she perceives as its negative influence on society.

Cardi B addressed some of this criticism in a recent interview with Vogue, reflecting on the backlash “WAP” received from conservative groups. “Maybe because we’re more mainstream now, the song reached more conservative people over the internet,” she said. “I guess it made some soccer moms cry. But I cannot believe the song became so political.”

The rapper expressed bewilderment over the controversy, noting that explicit lyrics in music are not a new phenomenon. “I am very used to hearing explicit lyrics from women. Growing up I listened to Trina, Khia, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown. Their lyrics were more explicit than mine!”

Owens’ call to ban pornography is part of her broader critique of contemporary culture, which she believes is increasingly permissive and harmful. Her statements reflect a growing concern among some conservative circles about the impact of pornography on mental health and societal values.

On the other hand, Cardi B’s defense of pornography underscores a more liberal perspective on sexual expression and personal freedom. Her comments suggest a belief that adults should have the autonomy to engage with pornography without it being demonized or overly regulated.

The debate between Owens and Cardi B touches on deeper societal questions about morality, freedom, and the role of media in shaping cultural norms. As these two influential figures continue to voice their contrasting opinions, they highlight the ongoing tension between conservative and progressive viewpoints in modern America.

Regardless of where one stands on the issue, the clash between Owens and Cardi B serves as a reminder of the diverse perspectives that characterize the current cultural landscape. Their public exchanges not only generate headlines but also provoke thoughtful discussion about the values and limits of personal and societal freedoms.


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