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Busta Rhymes Seemingly In The Middle Of Incident At French Montana Release Party

Busta Rhymes Seemingly In The Middle

Busta Rhymes Seemingly In The Middle Of Incident.

At the album release party for French Montana in New York City, Busta Rhymes was seen on tape engaging in a heated argument with another individual.

According to reports, the altercation occurred on Friday (February 23) at Harbor NYC, in the middle of Manhattan. The footage was distributed by The Shade Room the day after it received it.

It looks like Bussa Buss is getting in the face of Nizzle Man, who is an aspiring rapper from Staten Island. Nizzle Man is the subject of the video.

It looks as if Nizzle has fallen down the steps, and Busta Rhymes attempts to seize his wrist to confront him about someone or something.

They engage in conversation with one another in a manner that does not seem to be amicable. It is not long until a group of security guards come in between the two guys and transport Nizzle Man out of the portion of the club that is reserved for the rapper who appeared in “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See,” as well as maybe out of the club altogether.

It was claimed by a few individuals who left comments on the page that it did not look like Busta and Nizzle were being violent. Instead, it seemed to them that the elder statesman of rap was attempting to de-escalate the situation by having Nizzle Man removed from the room before things became violent with whomever it was that he may have been beefing with.

Since the confrontation occurred, neither Busta Rhymes nor Nizzle Man have made any statements about it. Please have a look at the video below.

French Montana dropped by The Breakfast Club to reveal that he had been motivated to “buy the block” in the past but that he had stopped dead in his tracks after Nipsey Hussle was slain. This revelation was made before French Montana’s album release party.

He made this statement about the murder of Nip, which took place outside of a clothes shop that he owned. “I feel like watching that video with Nip was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen,” he said.

“All he was trying to do was try to change his neighborhood and bring some great things back, and he was also trying to buy his block,” the speaker said. After viewing it, I thought I was discouraged from attempting to perform the same thing.

He went on to say: Take a look at what transpired with Chinx. Shots were fired at Chinx in Queens. See what happened to a significant number of civilians who do not have names, as well as a significant number of troops who were killed. “Then why would you go back and do that?”


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Written by Jamil Johnson