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Burna Boy, a Nigerian celebrity, downplays criticism about remarks against Black American culture

Following his contentious remarks about African Americans and their ancestry, Burna Boy upset Black Americans on the internet.

He discusses his remarks while promoting his most recent record in an interview.

After making a controversial statement on the distance between African Americans and their African heritage, the Nigerian musician offended followers.

He now uses Minister Louis Farrakhan and civil rights pioneer Malcolm X to emphasize his points.

Promote Burna Boy’s recently released album, I Told Them, using this link. Regarding the 32-year-old artist’s latest outburst in which he, for example, “uses America,” host Speedy Morman questioned.

Fans were incensed by Burna’s reaction to a question posed to him in March 2023 by well-known campaigner Chaka Bars.

Chaka questioned, “Why is it important for the African diaspora to return home?”

According to Burna Boy, African Americans lack a basis in comparison to other ethnic groups like Chinese or Italian Americans. The self-described “African Giant” looks for the right words to speak about Black Americans in terms of society and politics.

“Everyone else gets the same treatment, but not African Americans,” he said. He made an implication before the video concluded about how it could be difficult for African Americans to find their ancestors. He continued, “How can an Italian-American and an African-American be on the same field?”

Fans took offense because they believed he omitted the African Slave Trade, a pivotal period in American history.

In a recent interview, Burna downplayed the opposing arguments.

“It is my goal to unite us,” he said. “My goal is to construct an unbreakable bridge that should have existed from the beginning. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t look at any of it since people are pushing their agendas when they say things like that.

Burna continues by contrasting his words with those of two campaigners.

He said, “I said nothing that Malcolm X didn’t say.” I should have stated something that The Honorable Louis Farrakhan mentioned. However, it’s clear that Burna Boy—from Africa—is speaking. That’s all beneath me. My purpose and my actions [are] too divine for such foolishness.

Even though some of his earlier remarks offended some fans, Burna remained unrepentant about them and said they were all a part of the “bridges” he was now creating in his career.

Some claim that Burna Boy is heavily inspired by African-American culture. He released the music video for his most recent hit, “City Boys,” which features a sample of “Birthday Sex” by Black musician Jeremih, not long after he made his remarks in March. Burna looks great in the video, sporting a Wu-Tang hat, iced-out chains, and Timberlands.

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Written by Anthony Peters