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Brother Charged with Murder of Sibling, Remains in Custody

Brother Charged with Murder of Sibling

Brother Charged with Murder of Sibling.Tyree Gland was arrested again for murdering his brother Taiwan Gland Sr. in St. Petersburg. At Seventh Avenue and Twelfth Street South early Monday morning, the brothers had a violent argument that ended fatally.

Tyree, 34, was released from jail three months earlier after serving a 15-year manslaughter term, according to St. Pete Police. St. Pete Police Department spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez worried about Tyree’s reoffending, saying, “He just got out a few months ago, and now, with his own brother, he commits another murder, kills his own brother, and he’s now facing another very, very serious charge of first-degree murder.”

“I don’t have words to describe our pain.” Angela Gland (Victim’s wife)

The brothers had just attended a memorial for Taiwan Gland Jr., 18, who was shot and died in Citrus Grove Apartments in St. Pete the week before. Taiwan Jr. has not been arrested, but investigators saythe two events are unrelated.

“That family has struggled. Another family member is a suspect after two murders. “There have been many terrible events,” Fernandez said, acknowledging the family’s loss and trauma.

Angela Gland, wife of Taiwan Gland Sr., cried when she approached her brother-in-law, Tyree Gland, charged of murdering her husband. Taiwan Sr. was a loving father of five, known for his humor and kindness, especially toward his brother, whom he visited often throughout his long prison term, Angela said.

Legal proceedings continue to advance justice. The court rejected bond, remanded Tyree Gland, and provided legal representation. Authorities also detained 32-year-old Sebastian Williams, a car passenger during the fatal incident, for accessory after the fact of first-degree murder. Williams had a $100,000 bond.

The community supports and empathises with the mourning family throughout the inquiry and legal proceedings. The family has been deeply affected by the loss of two sons and a grandson, highlighting the devastating effects of violence and tragedy on our communities.

The neighborhood is reeling from Tyree Gland’s alleged activities, which have far-reaching consequences. The terrible deaths of Taiwan Gland Sr. and Jr. have left their loved ones and the community grieving.

Tyree Gland’s arrest highlights the intricacies of violence and familial dynamics. Though grieving, the Gland family is not alone in trying to make sense of the terrible murder that has broken their lives.

After such a tragedy, questions remain about what caused it. Comprehensive interventions and support services to address the basic causes of violence, incarceration, and unresolved conflict are needed.

As judicial proceedings continue, the community must come together to comfort those affected by these tragic losses. Every act of compassion and solidarity, from emotional support to institutional change, helps heal violence and tragedy scars.

In times of sorrow, the community’s tenacity and strength shine and give hope. We honor Taiwan Gland Sr. and Taiwan Gland Jr. and work to make such senseless loss a distant memory.

For justice and closure, the Gland family receives love and support from friends, neighbors, and concerned citizens. They find strength in a community united against violence and injustice throughout their deep bereavement.

After this tragedy, let us promote peace, empathy, and understanding in our communities to honor the victims. Through compassion and togetherness, we may improve future generations’ prospects.


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