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Black Mermaids: Embracing Diversity and Mythology in the Little Mermaid

Black mermaids in folklore and mythology have captivated people worldwide in recent years. Mermaids are no longer solely white in media and storytelling.

In African cosmologies, “people who were lost to the water could become water spirits,” Davis said. “Water spirits could take people into the water and keep them alive.”

Disney’s planned Little Mermaid remake, starring a black actress, has sparked discussions about representation in popular culture. This classic tale’s inclusion of black mermaids celebrates mermaid mythology’s diversity.

This shift challenges old narratives and creates new paths for examining the rich tapestry of mythical entities. Black mermaids in folklore promote cultural diversity and examine the potential of storytelling to empower underrepresented groups.

“People often feel like when they’re watching something with Black people or reading something with Black people that they need to learn something,” Davis said. “We don’t have to represent history; we could be anything.”

Creators and storytellers use black mermaids to celebrate diversity and give young audiences sympathetic and inclusive role models. This depiction helps people from various backgrounds feel included and see themselves in stories.

The hashtag #BlackMermaids brings together fans of diverse mermaid mythology and inclusive culture. This movement reimagines mermaid lore and challenges traditional storytelling.

Black mermaids in mythology expand imagination and promote inclusive storytelling. As the world celebrates varied mermaids’ beauty and enchantment, it marks a big step toward a more representative and inclusive society where everyone’s experiences may be heard and appreciated.

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Written by Aliyah Collins