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Distress Abroad: Black Man Wrongfully Arrested in Venezuela Sparks International Concerns

Black Man Wrongfully Arrested in Venezuela

Black Man Wrongfully Arrested in Venezuela Sparks International Concerns. The family of Savoi Wright, a 37-year-old Black American mortgage loan specialist, is anxiously awaiting his safe return to U.S. soil after he was wrongfully arrested in Venezuela over a month ago. Working remotely in South America, Wright’s situation has turned into a nightmare for his family, struggling to navigate a complex international crisis.

                                             Black Man Wrongfully Arrested in Venezuela Sparks                                               International Concerns

The distress began in late October when Wright, who was in a park with a woman found in possession of drugs, was stopped by Venezuelan police. While not charged, officials noted a missing stamp on his passport, leading to his placement in immigration custody for deportation. Wright, fearing the impact on his mother, contacted his cousins first, revealing his situation in a coded manner due to the presence of his captors.

“He is not a threat to Venezuela. We’re very concerned for him. Nobody’s acknowledging him. Nobody officially. We’re very concerned for his health and his well-being. We want him home,” Stewart emphasized.

Erin Stewart, Wright’s mother, described the harrowing experience as akin to “watching a horror movie but you’re in it.” The family faced an arduous task of paying a significant ransom to secure Wright’s release. Moizeé Stewart, Wright’s sister, shared the challenging ordeal of staying up all night to gather the necessary funds.

Wright eventually spoke to his mother and sister, disclosing his location about 430 miles from Cúcuta, a Colombian city near the Venezuelan border. Moizeé noted that he spoke in a coded way, likely due to the intimidating presence of those holding him captive.

Moizeé lamented, “Repeatedly, I was kind of informed that the U.S. does not have diplomatic ties with Venezuela and there is very little that can be done.”

Concerns escalate as the family fears Wright is held in a former textile factory-turned-detention center, where inmates reportedly face abuse and torture. Adding to the apprehension is Wright’s severe food allergies, requiring a specific diet. Stewart worries that her son’s health may be at risk, emphasizing that he has no political ties and poses no threat to Venezuela.

Wright’s case is part of a broader issue, with seven U.S. citizens reportedly incarcerated in Venezuela. The situation gained attention as President Biden eased back on oil sanctions against the Venezuelan government shortly before Wright’s arrest.


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