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Blac Chyna Celebrates 10 Months of Sobriety and Shares Her Transformation Story

Blac Chyna, the well-known glamor model and co-parent of Dream with ex-Rob Kardashian, celebrated 10 months of sobriety, healthy nutrition, and a committed wellness path in an uplifting milestone moment.

She posted a positive video of herself on Instagram on July 14th, highlighting her advancement and commitment to personal development.

Over the last four months, the 35-year-old celebrity has been openly sharing her life-changing experiences, with a specific emphasis on undoing cosmetic operations. She had her breasts reduced, her buttocks’ silicone removed, and her cheeks and jawline’s dermal fillers dissolved.

Angela White, better known by her stage as Blac Chyna, explained why she decided to undergo the change, saying, “First of all, I’m sick of the appearance, and it’s simply not flattering… I feel like I’ve outgrown it, and a change is necessary.

Blac Chyna has been transparent and candid with her followers about the reasons behind her metamorphosis during the course of her journey.

She has stated a wish to let go of the image she formerly portrayed and accept her actual self.

In an earlier post this week, Blac Chyna addressed remarks made by Rob’s sister Khloe Kardashian on the Hulu reality series “The Kardashians.”

Dream and Khloe had previously discussed Khloe’s sentiments of being a third parent, as she frequently organized the six-year-old’s birthday celebrations.

Particularly with a failed defamation lawsuit launched by Angela against the Kardashian-Jenner family in 2022, Khloe’s relationship with Dream’s mother has been under public scrutiny.

Blac Chyna responded to the circumstance by saying, “Everything is okay on both ends… At the end of the day, we are all related.

It’s all love and enthusiasm as Robert and I try our best to co-parent.

Khloe clarified her statements on Instagram stories as well, highlighting her love for all of her nieces and nephews, including Dream.

She emphasized her close relationship with her brother and assured her fans that Rob and Angela are both trying their best to be good parents.

According to Khloe, “Our children are healthy and happy, but most of all, they’re loved by everyone in their tribe.”

Many people find inspiration in Blac Chyna’s wellness journey because it emphasizes the value of personal development and self-discovery.

She continues to inspire her fans by sharing her positive change while adhering to her newly discovered dedication to sobriety, healthy food, and physical wellness.

She does this by spreading a message of love, acceptance, and inner light.

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Written by Anthony Peters