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Billy Porter Explains Why He Was Expelled From Mainstream R&B

Billy Porter has never been afraid to voice his mind in the entertainment business. When he detects prejudice or hypocrisy, he is quick to speak it out.

He’s also candid about the challenges he encountered as an out-blooming Black guy.

He recently disclosed an especially devastating aspect of his early career, explaining why he was effectively blackballed from R&B music due to his sexuality.

“When I first got into the business in the late ’80s, I was told that my queerness would be a liability.”

“Not just in the music industry, but everywhere.” It was also a liability. They booted me from mainstream R&B.”

I wish this news was more startling, but we all know that the Black community hasn’t always welcomed the LGBTQ+ group as they should.

We all know Billy Porter’s vocals are unrivaled, therefore it wasn’t a lack of skill or personality that hindered him from becoming a successful R&B artist.

Unfortunately, his tale is unlikely to be an exception. He’s one of the few musicians who defied expectations and yet made it huge.

It wasn’t until he became a household name—winning a Tony for Kinky Boots and an Emmy for Pose—that his notoriety overshadowed any preconceived notions about his being homosexual.

“Made a name for myself, period,” was what he remarked in the end. It’s not limited to Broadway alone. I am the recipient of an Emmy.

I’m considered a fashion icon. They are now in need of my support. Since I’m not supposed to be here looking like this, it just goes to show that victors write their own history.

The star of “Cinderella” is aware that he represents a lost generation of gay men and that he must act as a model for the subsequent generation of LGBT artists in order to be successful in his career.

He made the statement, “I’m so thankful that I’ve lived long enough as a gay man of a certain age,” which means, “I’m so grateful that I’ve lived long enough.”

“I was there during the height of the AIDS crisis, honey!” I was separated from a whole generation of individuals. I am aware that I am a member of the generation that busted down the door.

The next initiative that Billy Porter undertakes is certain to cause waves. He is also appearing in the upcoming biopic of the renowned author James Baldwin, which he is helping to co-produce.

Regardless of how you feel about the celebrity, you can be sure that he enjoys a good challenge and proving his doubters wrong.

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Written by Anthony Peters