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Beyoncé’s Generous Donation of $100,000 Rescues D.C. Metro, Ensuring Uninterrupted Operation Despite Weather Delay

The event at FedEx Field was delayed for about two hours as management provided concertgoers with shelter, according to a local DC ABC affiliate.

“Due to lightning in the area, we are currently under a shelter-in-place order,” authorities say in a tweet. “Fans who are standing outside the gates or in the parking lots are asked to return to their cars.” “Until further notice, all fans inside the stadium are asked to take cover under covered concourse areas and ramps.”

According to one reporter who was in the stadium at the time of the order, numerous individuals were being treated for heat exhaustion.

“From a FedEx Field official: During the shelter-in-place, a number of people were treated on-site for heat exhaustion given the temperatures and how packed people were in the concourse,” tweeted 7 News reporter Christian Flores. “During severe weather, this is the best place to be.” “One person has been admitted to the hospital due to heat exhaustion.”

The situation in DC paralleled that of Taylor Swift’s “Eras” Tour’s Nashville leg, when attendees were instructed to stay in place at Nissan Stadium due to a strong lightning storm.

The venue issued an all-clear at 8:25 p.m., however one Queen Bey fan stated that no one was still being in as of 8:40 p.m., “including people who have been scanned and have wristbands.”

The ongoing delay caused commotion and panic.

“I have NEVER had a concert entry experience like this,” a local Fox News reporter tweeted, along with a video of a heated altercation with cops. “I’m in, but… oh, my.”

Following the performance, the “Single Ladies” singer, 41, and the WMTA announced that due to the late start, all 98 stations would remain open an extra hour so that everyone could go home safely.

“Hold Up #Beyhive,” Metrorail’s official X (previously Twitter) account said. “Metro and Renaissance Tour will extend the last train by an hour to accommodate the storm.” The final Silver Line train to Ashburn tonight will now depart Morgan Boulevard at 1:04 a.m.”

Several followers also praised the singer for her dedication to her fans.

“DC Metro and Beyoncé’s team really came through for us by extending the train time after the Renaissance concert,” one fan praised.

“It rained a lot in DC tonight.” Despite the delays, Beyoncé put on an incredible concert,” praised a second individual.

“Beyoncé said we’re doing this rain or shine, DC.” “And I lived once more,” stated a third guest.

This is not the first time Queen Bey has had a mishap.

During the Illinois leg of her tour, the “1+1” singer got into an argument with her stage staff after they failed to deliver cold air from a nearby fan.

The TikTok video shows the artist belting out the track while gesticulating to a crew member and then to a fan.

The music icon, abandoning all pretense, demands flatly to switch on the machine.

“Turn the fan on,” she says at the song’s bridge.

Finally, the “Crazy In Love” singer received the air she deserved and signaled to the crew with a “ok” symbol that she was cooling down.

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Written by Anthony Peters