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Ayesha Curry Announces She’s Pregnant, Expecting Fourth Child With Steph Curry

Expecting Fourth Child With Steph Curry

Celebrity couple Ayesha made headlines on Friday when they joyfully announced that they are expecting fourth child with Steph Curry. Ayesha, a renowned cookbook author and television personality, shared the exciting news in a cover story for Sweet July Magazine. The couple, who tied the knot in 2011, revealed that despite previously deciding they were done expanding their family, they both felt that “somebody was missing” last year, prompting them to embark on this new journey.

Already parents to three children, daughters Riley, 11, and Ryan, 8, and son Canon, 5, the Currys expressed their mutual desire to welcome another bundle of joy into their lives. Ayesha candidly shared her introspective moments of feeling like she had forgotten something, which ultimately led to their decision to have another child.

As the Curry kids have grown older, Ayesha noted the unique challenges and joys of being pregnant again.

“Managing a busy schedule filled with work commitments, family activities, and her children’s burgeoning social lives has added a new dimension to her pregnancy experience.”

Additionally, witnessing her older children becoming more independent has given Ayesha a fresh perspective on parenthood and the passage of time.

Reflecting on the diverse ages and stages of her children’s lives, Ayesha expressed excitement about the dynamic perspectives they bring to the family dynamic. With each child having their own unique personality and interests, the Curry household is poised for even more excitement and love with the arrival of their newest addition.

Despite the busyness of their lives, Ayesha and Stephen are embracing this pregnancy with open hearts and minds. Their decision to expand their family reflects their deep commitment to each other and their shared vision of a loving and vibrant household. As they anticipate the arrival of their fourth child, the Currys are grateful for the support and well-wishes from fans and loved ones, eagerly awaiting the newest member of their family.

The news of Ayesha’s pregnancy has not only brought joy to the Curry family but has also resonated with fans who admire their bond and dedication to each other and their children. With their hearts full of love and anticipation, the Currys look forward to the next chapter in their journey as a growing family.

In the midst of their excitement, Ayesha and Stephen are navigating the challenges that come with pregnancy while juggling their respective careers and family responsibilities. Ayesha’s growing belly serves as a reminder of the precious life growing within her, and the couple cherishes these moments as they prepare to welcome their newest addition.

With each passing day, the anticipation grows as the Curry family eagerly counts down the weeks until their new baby arrives and as they await the birth of their baby, the Currys are filled with gratitude for the love and support they have received from their fans and the wider community. They are excited to share this new chapter of their lives with the world and look forward to the joy and blessings that their newest addition will bring.


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Written by Aliyah Collins