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Ayanna Pressley Call for Removal of Lawmaker Over Controversial Comment on White Men

Ayanna Pressley Call for Removal of Lawmaker Over Controversial Comment on White Men

Ayanna Pressley Call for Removal of Lawmaker Over Controversial Comment on White Men. Democratic Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley’s recent remarks during a House Financial Services Committee hearing have ignited a firestorm of controversy, particularly within conservative circles. The focus of Pressley’s comments was on addressing allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination within the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

However, a clipped video of her statement, stripped of its context, quickly spread across social media platforms, leading to accusations of racism and calls for her removal from Congress.

Pressley, a prominent member of the progressive House Democrats often referred to as “the Squad,” used strong language during the hearing to highlight what she saw as a lack of accountability within the FDIC. She expressed frustration over the agency’s handling of harassment complaints, noting that over 80 percent of them resulted in no disciplinary action. Moreover, when disciplinary measures were taken, they were often minimal, failing to address the seriousness of the misconduct.

“I am so tired of white men failing up,” she added. This lack of accountability is shameful, inadequate and deeply unsatisfactory, and it is re-traumatizing.”

In her impassioned remarks, Pressley stated, “I am so tired of white men failing up.” This statement, taken out of context, became the focal point of conservative outrage online. Individuals and media personalities accused Pressley of racism, with some calling for her removal from Congress. The controversy intensified as the clipped video spread rapidly across social media platforms, fueling a heated debate over race, accountability, and political correctness.

Among those condemning Pressley’s remarks was self-described MAGA devotee “Gunther Eagleman,” who called for her removal from Congress, labeling her comments as “blatant racism.” Similarly, Juanita Broaddrick, a Republican known for accusing former President Bill Clinton of rape, criticized Pressley, alleging racism in her statement. The Hodgetwins, popular right-wing media personalities, also weighed in, simply labeling Pressley as “racist.”

Conservative podcaster Graham Allen expressed disbelief at Pressley’s comments, questioning her judgment in making such statements on the floor of Congress. He echoed the sentiment of many who viewed Pressley’s remarks as divisive and inflammatory. Additionally, the popular right-wing account “Libs of TikTok” joined the chorus of criticism, declaring Pressley to be racist.

In the midst of the backlash, Pressley’s office was contacted for comment by Newsweek, but as of the time of reporting, no response had been received. The controversy surrounding Pressley’s remarks overshadowed the broader issue she was addressing: the need for accountability and reform within the FDIC to address allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination.

During the hearing, Pressley also directed criticism at FDIC Chair Martin Gruenberg, a Democrat, for what she perceived as his failure to address the systemic issues within the agency. She accused him of allowing Republicans to exploit survivors of sexual abuse for political gain, rather than taking decisive action to address the problem.

Republicans have indeed been calling for Gruenberg’s resignation since the release of the report on May 7, which detailed the extent of sexual misconduct within the FDIC. Despite pressure from Pressley and others, Democratic lawmakers have not joined the calls for Gruenberg’s resignation. In response to the criticism, Gruenberg acknowledged the failures within the FDIC’s work culture and expressed his commitment to implementing reforms.


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