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Authorities are still looking for a guy suspected of setting fire to his girlfriend early Sunday in Kenosha County.

“The suspect is still on the run, and we continue to ask our community members to keep an eye out for him and to contact us if they have any information,” Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Colin Coultrip said Monday.

“We have received tips about his whereabouts, and we are working with our local partners to investigate these tips.” The sufferer is currently being treated and is in serious condition.”

An frightening figure lurks in the sphere of law enforcement, a suspect regarded “armed and dangerous,” throwing terror and alarm over the public. The town is in disarray after the recognized authorities suggested charges of attempted first-degree intentional killing and domestic abuse.

Authorities have revealed important information on the mysterious suspect known as Bowie as they probe into the depths of this intriguing case. He has been known to seek sanctuary in Chicago, namely around Logan Square and Wicker Park.

Law enforcement has meticulously developed a precise description of the culprit, a Black guy in his mid-30s, roughly 6 feet tall, and weighing around 200 pounds, in their never-ending pursuit of justice. He was last spotted fleeing the area wearing no shirt and pajama bottoms.

The heartbreaking occurrence occurred at 4:47 a.m., causing deputies from the sheriff’s office and the Salem Lakes Fire Department to rush to a residence in the 24500 block of 86th Place. The caller, a lady, said that her lover lit her on fire and that she was in dire need of assistance in the midst of unspeakable suffering.

The sufferer, who had suffered serious burns, was sent to a nearby hospital. Bowie, the suspect, and the woman got into a violent disagreement before he threatened to kill her, her children, and her entire family before fleeing the scene after burning her on fire.

The horrible act has made news throughout the region, catching the attention of the residents, who are filled with pity for the victim and fear about the still-at-large culprit.

Law enforcement appeals to the community’s combined strength in order to arrest this deadly fugitive. Every alert eye, every tip, and every piece of information might be the key to restoring peace and assuring everyone’s safety.

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Written by Anthony Peters