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Bayshore Qdoba Robbery Attempt, 18-Year-Old Sentenced To Jail

attempted robbery of the Qdoba at Bayshore

A Milwaukee man has been sentenced to two years in prison for the March attempted robbery of the Qdoba at Bayshore. Marqavion Williams, 18, pled guilty to attempted armed robbery and false imprisonment on Friday. He was charged with armed robbery at first, and numerous additional counts were dropped as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors.

Williams was sentenced to five years of extended supervision in addition to jail time. On the night of March 13, police were summoned to the Qdoba for an armed robbery that was taking place.

Attempted robbery of the Qdoba at Bayshore. According to the criminal complaint, Williams confessed to coming there that morning to “scope it out.” He was accompanied by a 16-year-old, according to police.

According to the complaint, Williams informed detectives that they committed the act because “they needed money for a car.” Prosecutors say he made up a tale about attempting to purchase a vehicle with “fake money,” and that the seller threatened to hurt him if he didn’t obtain the remaining money owing.

He then acknowledged to fabricating the tale, telling authorities that he would have done the murder whether or not he was threatened.

The aim for the robbery, according to the complaint, was to “get in there” and “scare someone…enough to get money and get out of there before (the police) showed up.” He and the 16-year-old waited in the washroom until the manager was alone before waving a pistol at him and telling him to unlock the safe.

According to the lawsuit, Williams informed the manager, “I don’t want to do this, but I’ll shoot you.” We need the money…we need to open the safe. We know there’s a safe somewhere.”

The manager, who said that he “felt something pressed against his back” throughout the event, stated that they were unable to open the safe and that all of the money was in the cash registers up front.

When Williams and the 16-year-old approached the front of the restaurant, the manager bolted. They ascended into the ceiling because they realized police had already arrived, according to Williams.

According to the lawsuit, officers contacted Williams’ phone 48 times while they were in the ceiling, but he did not respond. Prosecutors claim that when they contacted him, he “said he was afraid and sorry for what he had done,” and that he “did not mean to hurt anyone and just wanted to go home.” He did not, however, descend from the ceiling.

The SWAT squad of the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office was brought in, and pepper spray was sprayed into the ceiling. According to the lawsuit, “40mm impact rounds” were discharged into the ceiling tiles at about midnight to enhance the effectiveness of the pepper balls.

Williams and the 16-year-old were apprehended after falling from the ceiling of an empty building near the Qdoba.

According to prosecutors, Williams said that they gained access to the unoccupied apartment by drilling a hole in the drywall between Qdoba and the vacant company. A firearm was found from the ceiling, according to police.

According to the lawsuit, Williams is under the age of 21, and so cannot lawfully possess a concealed carry permit. According to the complaint, Williams first denied it was his pistol and claimed it was a BB gun before confessing he took it from his grandpa.


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Written by Jamil Johnson